Thursday, January 21, 2016

A little look at Greg Rucka's leftist side in motion

Here's a telling, awful comment Rucka's made about both Fox News and the Republicans, most likely pertaining to the Iran deal:

So sayeth somebody who hasn't exactly had first person experience of his own. In any case, didn't he see the pictures from Benghazi, and what those barbarians did to ambassador Chris Stevens? And hasn't he read about the new info indicating Clinton had been informed of the danger lurking in Benghazi at the time? I guess he's also unconcerned about how Obama's administration is basically caving to a totalitarian regime, nor how it can jeopardize Israel in the process.

It's not often I see Rucka tweeting comments like these in his own words. But with the above example, it's clear he has a pretty narrow vision, and doesn't approach the topics with an open mind. So, there's another writer who puts on blinders and takes a superficial look at everything, and who, come to think of it, had no business writing superhero comics in the past decade if this is the kind of mentality he's going to adhere to.

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