Friday, January 29, 2016

So much for Jews watching Braveheart

Alex Salmond rebukes Israelis over Holocaust speech

The former First Minister of Scotland tells the Council of Europe it was “inappropriate” for a senior Israeli representative at a Holocaust commemoration service to criticize the Iranians, who have questioned whether the atrocity took place.
You can close your mouth now



Pastorius said...

We don't just live in interesting times. We live in INSANE times.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is one reason why he is a "former" first minister of Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Salmond's wiki has some interesting details. Do a word search for the word "resign" ... and see the section Resignation as leader & subsequent return"
Salmond's Wiki even focus's in on Trump:
Quote:"Alex Salmond has had a fractious relationship with US Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. In 2015, the UK Supreme Court rejected Trump's bid to stop an offshore wind farm being built close to one of his two golf resorts in Scotland. Trump has twice lost bids in the Scottish courts to halt the development, leading Mr Salmond to describe the Republican front-runner as a "three times loser", to which Trump called Salmond a "totally irrelevant has-been"[82] and "an embarrassment" to Scotland.[83] Salmond has also said that Trump's impact in Scotland – in particular Turnberry, the Ayrshire golf resort he bought in 2014 – as having a "damaging impact" on the Scottish economy.[84] These commends come days after the chief executive of the Professional Golfer's Association said Trump's comments on the presidential campaign trail were "not a positive thing for golf".[84]

In January 2016, Salmond called Trump a "chicken" for refusing to appear on his talk show, saying that: "The Donald tries to give this impression that he's totally off the cuff, in fact his media operation controls him and protects him from tough interviews, and when he's had tough interviews he hasn't liked it, that's been pretty obvious"

Anonymous said...

First Minister Alex Salmond's Ramadan Message 2014

Alex Salmond's 2012 Ramadan Message "Rich Tartan Tapestry of Faiths"

Islam panderer, First Minister Alex Salmond at Crowne Plaza supporting Islamic Relief and Well Foundation 2012

National Secular Society has criticised the former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond for his "divisive rhetoric" 2015

2011 FATWA to Alex Salmond for firmly striving to remove misconceptions about Islam

Consider the Lancaster Plan "....Stage two, he informed us, had also been put into effect, but it was only an experiment in devolving power to small areas of the U.K. – Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (Ulster) – whilst still keeping the U.K. together as a type of politically whole unit. This was so that structures could be put in place to continuously manage that type of change. This would enable, he told us, the granting of some degree of autonomy, in an orderly and managed fashion, to various Muslim enclaves around the country when this became necessary. Precedents for devolution would have been established and the change could therefore be managed easily and without too much fuss from the general population. The whole Plan was really about managing the changes that the Muslims in the U.K. will keep demanding.
He went on to say that further stages of the Lancaster Plan envisaged granting these enclaves the right to implement their own laws, such as sharia law, granting Muslims the right to travel between these enclaves but remain subject only to the laws within them while so doing and expanding the enclaves as the need arose."

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