Friday, January 22, 2016

Women on Fox News' Outnumbered Blast National Review Over Anti-Trump Issue

Support for Trump, "says, look at all these people calling themselves Conservatives and Libertarians, the ones in tassled loafers and bowties. Have they made you more free? Have their endless policy papers and studies conserved anything for you? These people are worthless. They are defunct. You don't need them and you're better off without them."


Anonymous said...

Public and main stream rejection of the professional think tank consensus is encouraging news, indeed.

Always On Watch said...

Think tankers = group think. Anyone with a basic knowledge of cognitive science should realize how flawed group think is.

Anonymous said...

Where were these conservatives when the Republican Congress voted with Obama against conservative principles and policies. Where were they when Sen. McCain and Graham went to Cairo carrying water for Obama? Why did they support President Obama in his attempt to save Morsi and the Brotherhood, instead of supporting President al Sisi?

Why didn't any of the conservative brains criticize the two old fools for doing that?

My fear with Trump is that after imperial Obama, his narcissistic personality will tempt him to become one too. He knows from experience Americans will take anything when properly handled. How could we otherwise explain the agreement with Iran? Lots of noise but in the end the agreement was signed.

And that my friends, is treason.

midnight rider said...

"My fear with Trump..."

I aree which is still why I am undecided.

Trump knows what to say and what buttons to push.

He may sympathize with, among other things, the plight of the now dying middle class.

But he does not understand it. e can't get it. There is no way he can understand what it means to be 54 years of age, un/deremployed since 8 months after Obama took office. And without that he is more prone to blow whichever way benefits him and his pals. And he may have scads of foreign experience as a businessman and deal maker but no more than Barack from a military stand point. Plus that deal maker personality concerns me that he may be too worried about making a deal that may not be in the best interest of We The People. And as far as protecting and defending the Constitution etc some of his statements concern me there as well.

Additionally, his statements and use of eminent domain and bankruptcy in the past seem to bear out he would rather use the laws for his convenience/benefit without regard to it's effect downstream.

In short, I can't decide if Trump could be the best thing for this country right now or just a Republican version of Barack Obama who also knew just what to say and how.

Cruz may get it (but the non-disclosure on loans is problematic). Marco may get it (but he has way too many other issues I don't care for). But neither of them can get that fire burning the way Trump does.

If we had someone with Cruz or Rubio's PERSONAL backstory and Trump's fire and charisma we might be getting close.

Pastorius said...

Well put.