Friday, January 22, 2016

It's The "Crime", Not The Punishment, That Makes Sharia Evil

This post is from 2014. I am reposting it because I think it is a message that needs to be conveyed over and over.

People usually focus on the barbarity of the punishment. And it is horrific.

But it is the "crime" the punishment is for that is the real problem.

Women get stoned to death for being the victim of rape.

Women and men get stoned to death for "apostasy", which means leaving Islam.

The Sudanese woman, currently in the news, is being stoned to death for refusing to renounce her Christian faith.

Such punishment for the "Crime" of Apostasy means there is no freedom of Speech/Conscience in Islam.

Why this woman's story is in the news. It is not at all unusual for "apostates" of Islam to be put to death.

So why this story now?

That so much attention is being focused on the story of this one Sudanese woman, while a real tragedy, serves to belittle the hundreds and thousands of Christians and Jews, and people of other religions, who are murdered by Muslims for such "apostasy".

Islam is evil. Sharia, the law code of Islam, is evil. And, let's be clear, the punishments are often barbaric. Some crimes are punished by dismemberment. Some crimes are punished by stoning the criminal to death.

And yes, this is barbarity.

But barbarity, while disgusting and horrific is a form of spectacle.

We must not allow our attention to be diverted by the spectacle of Sharia, while something much more fundamental is being stolen from us.

The "Crime" of "Apostasy", as defined by Sharia Law is not a crime. It is the Free Expression of Human Thought.

Islam defines Freedom of Thought, Speech, and Expression as the worst "Crime", and it is therefore punishable by death.


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Anonymous said...

I just read an article about German feminists protest against the sex attacks. Their primary beef is why people still focused on the fact all attackers were Muslim. I guess they are still not get it, maybe they never will. I kinda hope they will be a moment just before they die of stoning in the brand new German Islam Caliphate they realize what they brought upon themselves.