Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ted Cruz Is Good for People Like Me

But I believe he'd be bad for America. Conservative or not his increasing H1B visas by 500% (most of whom eventually go on to apply for Permanent Residence and then citizenship) would accelerate the pace of America turning into a third world country. In the end, even though a Cruz presidency would make it easier for me and my family to move to the US, I don't think it would be a country I would want to move to by that time anyway.

Trump on the other hand would make it pretty hard for me and my family to move to the US. But I like what he has to say and he puts Americans first, which is what the leader of a country should do. I also have hope that he'd trigger a return to sanity all around the world. Many compare him to Reagan but I think he's more like Churchill. Extremely flawed but exactly what the world needs at this point in time.


Pastorius said...

He is certainly EXTREMELY flawed.

But he might be, as you say, exactly what we need right now.

I do like Cruz though.

I do NOT like this policy, though, because I suspect it would be ONLY THE BEGINNING.

Anonymous said...

Compatriota, people like you is what this country needs. I hope you and your family can make it, and from what your comments and post transpire, you are the kind of guy even Trump would like to get here.

I always read your comments with great interest. You are rational, and with clear moral values.
Good luck.

Charles Martel

Epaminondas said...

They all make me nervous.

Every time I try to get away from Trump, the others inadvertently advertise how right he is on THE KEY ISSUES which are so important. You will notice gay marriage, and abortion have DISAPPEARED as decisive issues on the republican side.

Frankly, that's wonderful.

And good comparison with Churchill, Nico.

Maybe you should fly your family into Vancouver, cross in western Washington by hiking, and take over a wildlife preserve.

Of course, you could fly to St John NB, and walk across the st croix river at low flow, and declare yourselves to be Passamaquoddy Indians, and get a house overlooking the ocean.

Pastorius said...

That last idea of Epa's sounds like a winner.

Nico, do you look even remotely Mexican?


Nicoenarg said...

Thank you Charles Martel! Been a long time haven't seen a comment from you. Good to see you around here.

Nicoenarg said...

Haha, Epa's ideas are definitely worth thinking about.

Pasto, unfortunately I may be too tall and too "light skinned" to pass for a Mexican :-P (oh no! I just generalized, some liberal somewhere just had a heart attack).

Anonymous said...

Nico, I've been here but as Anonymous. My Charles Martel id was stolen, compromised, or something.

As for your appearance, if taken for a European Mexican you would be out of luck with the system. But you could certainly pass for a Syrian or Afghan, and there you would hit the jack pot. Americans would love you, and the leftists would adore you ...

But ... you must be literate in at least three languages, which would make you employable and trainable ... No, no good match for our present refugee policy ... :-)

Nicoenarg said...


Not European looking enough so maybe I'm in luck! More Arab/North African. I've said many times that I don't buy into this whole "white people are inherently racist" BS or if I tell people from other countries that I don't find Argentines racist, I keep getting the "es porque sos trigeƱo" (one guy accursed me of being "blanco") reply as if that means anything.

I could definitely pass for an Afghan but the problem is I have such a high disdain for Islam that I might be outed right away. I do speak 3 languages. Maybe I could pull an Arafat, say different things in different languages, confuse the hell out of people.

I'm definitely keeping these tips handy when my wife and I climb the "big, beautiful wall" that Trump builds. My wife is totally European though so not sure how that's going to go down.

Nicoenarg said...

Sorry I meant "I don't find European/white Argentines racist..."