Saturday, January 23, 2016

Christian Eritreans in Sweden, escaping Islamic supremacy and war and persecution

While the warm welcome may be running out, it looks to me as if these Eritreans are getting along just fine.

Might have something to do with the fact that they are actually kind, generous people.


Anonymous said...

Christian Eritreans refused the yolk of Arab Islam for centuries...just as the Berbers reject Islam on the African continent.
cut/past from June 2008 JihadWatch:
The 14th century historian Ibn-Khaldun, stated that [Princess] Kahina and her tribe, the Jerawa of the Aures Mountains in eastern Algeria and Tunisia, were Jewish. At the time of the Arab aggression, the Berbers were ruled by a Queen of Jewish descent. Her name was Kahina. The title Kahina meant Prophetess or soothsayer. Kahina – the brave Berber Princess/Queen held off the Arab hordes for twenty years. Charles-AndrĂ© Julien, in his History of North Africa believed that Kahina's resistance to the Arabs was "nurtured, as it seems, by Berber patriotism and Jewish faith." - miira
What miira" put up could conceivably be of great use among the Berbers, as part of a campaign of support for them as an appeal for them to recognize that Islam is a vehicle of Arab supremacism, and Islam explains the problems that Berbers have always had with Arab linguistic and cultural imperialism.

And the Berbers have also suffered from the more traditional, economic and political imperialism, at Arab hands. The Berbers not only feel aggrieved, in the Kabyle, and elsewhere in North Africa, and in France, and this grievance should be turned against not only the Arabs, but against the Islam that they brought to North Africa, and imposed on the Berbers, and that is when the forced arabization, and primitivization, of the Berbers first began.

Many Berbers are startled to learn that St. Augustine's mother Monica was a Berber (or, more recently, that Edith Piaf's maternal grandmother was Berber). I read in a recent issue of "Le Monde" about the conversion, in France, of some Muslims, and a Berber girl explained that she first became interested in Christianity when she learned about Monica.

Use whatever it takes, but help lead the Berbers out of the Arab empire, and help some of those arabized Berbers (who think, wrongly, that they are Arabs) to rediscover their own Berber ancestry. Use, that is, the other, ethnic identity, either of Berbers now, or of those who think of themselves as Arabs but who are the descendants of Berbers (the genetic markers are very clear, as the work of French geneticists in Tunisia, such as a team with Dr. Semana, has shown). Yes, use genetics to make arabized Berbers conscious of their Berber heritage. Use resentment against Arab cultural imperialism. Make clear that Islam is and has always been the vehicle of Arab imperialism.
Go ahead. This is the way to proceed.

Posted by: Hugh

Anonymous said...

link to above cut/paste via internet archive:

Pastorius said...

Wow! Thanks for that.