Saturday, January 30, 2016

Reporter Says, The FBI and the DOJ are "Super-Pissed" At Obama Admin. Over Clinton Investigation


Epaminondas said...

Even MSNBC is reporting they believe the FBI will be doing something big

I was out of college when the Saturday night massacre occurred, and IMHO that was the tipping point to the END of Nixon 10 months later.

Comey is a straight shooter (see Ashcroft and Comey).

HRC might be toast. But if FBI recommends prosecution, and Lynch sez no , and Obama ducks or backs her, and Comey does NOT resign, WE HAVE A BANANA REPUBLIC, folks, and its the end

Who can be loyal to such a state?

Pastorius said...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps that is the reason for all these reports...squeaky wheel and all.