Monday, January 25, 2016

Muslims Attempt Invasion of England From Calais, France


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OT: HonestReporting: NPR Erases Israel From the Map

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And once they reach Britain, this is what the multi-cultural no-go zones where these muslim migrants settle look and behave ...
Bury Park, Luton react to Britain First Christian march

After watching that video, consider that British taxpayers fund every expense of The British Royal Family whose task/title as "Defenders of the Faith" of the British Isles illustrates the utter failure of this family/government to show any measure of defense of that nation's faith. Treason? Incompetence?
Take a step back in British history and revisit April 16, 1746 and the Battle of Culloden. Why? That is where the British defeated the Scottish Jacobite challenge to British Protestant authority over Catholic Scottish high and lowlands.
Defeat at the Jacobite uprising resulted in the ban of the Gaelic language, Clan social structure, and banning the use of tartan clothing.
Despite the continued longing for Scottish independence, the Brits and Scots live harmoniously for centuries.

Britain should revisit this history to examine the rightful ban of hostile language(s), dress and law.

To defeat the Islamization of Britain, ban Arabic, shariah/Islam/mosques and all versions of the veil (hijab, niqab, burqa etc.) Britain met challenges to their customs/law successfully in the past, albeit Christian vs. Christian. It's past time they did it again, given the overwhelmingly hostile threat presented by Islam.

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See Jean Raspail's novel "Camp of the Saints."

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Always...Audio book version of Camp of the Saints computerized text to speech (non theatrical reading)

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OT: Mitch McConnell made a surprise announcement that
the Senate is ready to vote for the president to become a virtual
military dictator. US Senate to Declare “International Martial Law” — Give President ‘Unlimited’ Military Powers