Thursday, January 28, 2016

Modern Ideological Roots within Articles of Confederation

From The Last English Prince:
A Muslim man wants to attack a Masonic Temple: 
Led by the Nose 
While he may have been “lead by the nose” throughout the process by FBI informants, there is a modern ideological document which directs malice against the “Powers that support the Enemy”. 
These “enemies” include Freemasons, the Lion’s Club and the Rotary Club. (Article XXII) 
The Articles of Confederation for Hamas note the aforementioned as enemies of Islam. 
The document (also referred to as the Hamas Covenant) also lays out the manner in which women in the home may also lead a flank with jihad recruitment and financial assistance. (Article XVI) 
I spent a few weeks reading articles of confederation, constitutions of Iran, Pakistan, etc. and primary source documents for radical groups. Then, I spent quite a bit of time discussing issues with geopolitical Islamists of note. 
Please take the time to read the document here I was part of a humanitarian medical team in Mongolia. The eyeglasses we dispensed were a gift from the Lion’s Club. Every year I purchase a box of grapefruit from our local Rotary Club. The funds go toward the benevolent activities of the Rotary Club. 
While having tremendous respect for the sacrifices of the members of the intelligence community and their families, a small concern remains. Ideologically, they are playing the Glass Bead Game. Do they recognize the beads in their hand? Do they understand the cryptograph? 
Leading by the nose is quite different than the interface of the journalist seated within the company of al-Ahzab. 
I am an enemy of the Islamic State. 
What about you?

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