Wednesday, January 27, 2016

FBI Thwarts Mass Shooting Planned At Masonic Temple in Milwaukee

"Nothing To Do With Islam"

Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested a Milwaukee man who planned a mass shooting, according to a release by United States Attorney’s Office of Eastern District of Wisconsin.
Samy Mohamed Hamzeh, 23, has been charged with possessing machine guns and a silencer.
In October 2015, Hamzeh planned to travel to Jordan, enter the West Bank and conduct an attack on Israeli soldiers and citizens living in the West Bank.
Hamzeh later abandoned those plans and began to focus on conducting an attack in the United States.
During recorded conversations, Hamzeh explained that he wanted to commit a domestic act of violence on a Masonic Temple in Milwaukee.
Hamzeh had been under investigation since September 2015.
On January 19, Hamzeh took a guided tour of the Masonic temple, during which they learned meeting schedules and where people would be located during meetings.
Hamzeh learned meeting schedules and where people would be located during meetings. In a recorded conversation after they left, Hamzeh discussed his plans.
Hamzeh reaffirmed his intention to commit an armed attack on the temple and discussed in further detail how they would carry out the attack.
Hamzeh said that they would need two machine guns so that they each would have one and also said that they would need three silencers.
Hamzeh also, said, “I am telling you, to go without a silencer gun, you will be exposed from the beginning.”


Anonymous said...

Was LaVoy Finicum Shot w/Hands in the Air? Eye Witness Audio Testimony Here...
Published on Jan 27, 2016 (check your email Pasto - for rough transcript of this explosive eye-witness video)

Anonymous said...

Another perspective -

Mark McConnell describes LaVoy Finicum's fatal shooting
Uploaded on Jan 27, 2016

Mark McConnell, a bodyguard for Ammon Bundy, gives a more detailed eyewitness account of the arrests of Oregon militants and the fatal shooting of LaVoy Finicum.

Anonymous said...

Re: Mark McConnell video...includes a yellow bar stating:

This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.

Curious, no? He comes off dismissive of the harrassment he himself endured. He didn't exactly witness the shooting of LaVoy but he says he witnessed the vehicle he was in leaving during a LEO stop...the same stop Mark was stopped at and had his vehicle impounded for further investigation as well as having all his weapons seized for testing. Mark admits he isn't likely to see his weapons again. Why so dismissive? Why the yellow bar statement about sharing a video statement on YouTube?

Anonymous said...

FBI aerial video footage confirms LaVoy had his hands up when killed hat tip GatewayPundit

The footage also confirms the vehicle was also targeted after LaVoy was killed, confirming Victoria's account provided above.

Anonymous said...

NBCNews: Oregon Arrests: Feds Intercepted Occupation Leaders as Part of Plan: Official January 27th

This article confirms this was a federal ambush reminding one of the bloodshed at Ruby Ridge/Waco