Thursday, January 28, 2016

Donald, heel your dog

This is not the KIND of threat to make.
Sure, he’s talking about the avalanche of death threats. It seems as if he knows Ms Kelly was ‘upset’ about that.

Anyone who looks at twitter can read with their own eyes what some of these supporters are like. Donald, you can’t help that, although you can excoriate them, but you have 100% control over Lewandowski.

Get rid of him.

I am undecided. This is not helping you.

We don’t have coups or open widespread civil strife (YET), so politics is some kind of war.

Your ballsy move to leave the debate is one thing, I appreciate those willing to ru risks to win, and those knowing when to turn their backs, but this crude effort at vanilla extortion is frankly,
disgusting. If this is what to expect, YOU WILL NOT HAVE MY VOTE. As president, it smacks of Obama/Lerner/IRS at the least.

Get control and get rid of Lewandowski


Nicoenarg said...

My understanding is that FOX News is claiming that is what Lewandowski said. There is no corroboration of that claim anywhere else but on FOX. As things stand, FOX is one of the parties in this whole thing and hence their claims have to be taken with a grain of salt.

Also, not only is it FOX that is claiming it but they also have their interpretation of what was said. Making it sound threatening and playing the victim right now is the only way FOX gets out of this mess a little bit. They've played this horribly so far, no reason for me to believe them now.

Epaminondas said...

There is no doubt if you watch the analysis of the debate Fox is in a teenage girlyfight anger with Trump now, but as for Lewandowski.. I tend to beleive one of Trumps's people would go that far.

If he thinks he's great, who would he promote around him?

I can easily see one of these people just going too far.

Fox has embarassed themselves, however, just as much

Nicoenarg said...

Exactly. FOX News is the only source for this claimed threat.

Threats I can see. Trump's used them himself by saying that he will boycott the debate and take his viewers with him, which he did. Anything other than that to me sounds like FOX News trying to do damage control here. They jumped the gun and effed up with their insulting press release.

No matter what you think about Trump FOX News and especially Megan Kelly should not have been allowed to have anything to do with the debate when their bias against Trump is so clear and out in the open.

National Review got disinvited because of their bias against Trump, what's so different about FOX?

I can see and speculate that FOX thought (doesn't matter what they say now) that riling Trump up would make the debate even more interesting because people will want to tune in to see him and Kelly go at it. Well, they overplayed their hand and lost badly at this stupid game they were trying to play.

Anyway, Kelly's hatred for Trump isn't a secret either:

Megyn Kelly's OBSESSIVE hate for Donald Trump

They invited an illegal alien and a radical Muslim activist to ask the question at the debate, I mean who the hell are we kidding? Why would Trump want to walk into a trap?

FOX, IMHO, does not have the credibility anymore to be making claims about what somebody else said without producing proof.

Epaminondas said...

Given how many DIFFERENT shows Trump appears on regularly on Fox(such as Fox and Friends every monday at 730AM), it's hard for me to believe they are simply against Trump.

What I can believe is that they are LOCKED into standing behind Kelly. NR is not a Fox employee and does not anchor one of their 2 anchor shows. More, they cannot be SEEN to cave in to Trump and Trump knew it.

I believe Trump knew he had them in this way, did not want to go to the debate when he could garner even more attention EXACTLY as you do in a reality show, by constantly providing sliding headlines, and when he picks a path, all the support staff try to go full on, INCLUDING continuous provocation of Fox to ensure they would NEVER back down.

Epaminondas said...

BTW, if you read the comments on that youtube you get the EXACT idea up thru the death threats that Lewandowski allegedly referred to, as 'rough couple of days' with all sorts of threats going right to her.

I can tell you from Twitter what happens when RATIONAL criticisms are made towards Trump.

Nicoenarg said...

"I can tell you from Twitter what happens when RATIONAL criticisms are made towards Trump."

And I don't doubt it either. But people making comments on YouTube videos or on Twitter is one thing, accusing a spokesperson for a presidential candidate of such behavior is another.

Neither party is the innocent victim in this. Trump saw the ambush coming a mile away (now you hear Cruz's people whining about it too because they were too dumb to understand what was happening, they said they were "blindsided", you gotta be kidding me!) and outplayed FOX. FOX seems to have stepped into something they didn't know how to handle. They're the ones coming out with weird statements that don't suit a news network, especially not one that calls itself "Fair and Balanced".

Having Trump on FOX doesn't mean they're pro or anti Trump. Everyone loves their ratings.

Either way, IF this claim by FOX is true, then yes I agree with you, the guy should be fired. Until its proven though, its FOX's word against Trump. So far I'd go with the latter.