Monday, January 25, 2016

Kevin Spacey Compares Donald Trump’s Campaign to George Wallace’s


In 1968 it was still possible to have a middle income career without a
4 yr or advanced degree.

In 1968 we had no terrorists acting to destroy
our way of life and advertising how much they wanted to kill americans
in their own streets.

In 1968 nations would NEVER have challenged
our interests the way MANY do without fear now, which ultimately
affects our economy.

In 1968 there was no free trade which sent careers,
engineering and manufacturing to the lowest cost everywhere on the globe.

In 1968 General Motors, Ford and Chrysler were among the largest
manufacturing concerns on the planet.

In 1968 we did NOT have millions traversing a border which
BOTH PARTIES insisted can not be defended or secured.

In 1968 we did not have a banking system
ready to fill its uncontrolled greed, and its unbrideled human nature
acting to DEFRAUD the public (and the world) with financial
‘products’ designed to generate instant revenue for themselves,
and the FEW in a position to gain heedless of the results, and
confident the extreme duress would compel the govt to save them.

Other than that, Spacey is correct.

BTW, people like Kevin Spacey (a great ACTOR, btw) opening their
big fat, uninformed, mouths which are so obviously disconnected from
the mass of the American public, ENHANCE the candidacy of
Mr Trump every time they open their traps.

They would do far better to STFU if they wat Trump out.

Full disclosure - I am UNDECIDED, still.


Anonymous said...

If they want Trump out...yes, silence on Hollywood's part would do wonders. The only verbalization required to achieve his exit come from ==>
Trump himself.

As for disclosures...I'd still vote for Trump before I'd pull the lever for Bernie or Hillary or Bloomberg or Biden.

Epaminondas said...

Pretty much where I am
HRC=Obama III with more corruption
Bernie thinks terrorism is due to global warming
Biden wanted to cut a check to Iran in 2001 for $300m to prove to the mullahs that we were not in a war against Islam (New Republic, according to his staff)

Pastorius said...

I agree with both of you that Hollywood would do better to shut their trap if they want Trump out.

AND I think that is a measure of how much things have changed in the past 8 years.

I think 8 years ago, people respected Hollywood much more.

On the other hand, the Reality TV Show candidacy of Donald Trump is a bad sign of how much our culture has devolved to a point where the media and the political world are one and the same.

We will eventually have a President Camacho (as in the film Idiocracy).

Maybe of course would say Trump is President Camacho. And they would have a point. But we are headed many more steps down the ladder if things don't change drastically.

Sadly at this point, as you say, Epa, Trump is a more serious candidate than Hilary, Biden, Bloomberg or Sanders.

Always On Watch said...

Trump is effectively using disintermediation and social media -- and, thereby, connecting well with masses of people fed up to their eye teeth with the GOP establishment.

LBJ was handed his one defeat when a disintermediation candidate ran against him: in 1941, radio personality W. Lee "Pappy" O'Daniel.

And the mouthpieces for the GOP establishment -- such as Michael Gerson are embedding lies in their essays. For example, last week Gerson stated that Trump has called for a total ban on Muslim immigration. That's not what he said. He said a temporary ban so as to vet these so-called refugees.

In the same essay, Gerson attacked Cruz.

Gerson makes it clear that the GOP will stop at nothing to prevent either Cruz or Trump from being nominated -- and, if nominated, to root for them to lose the election.

The peasants beyond the moat -- WE THE PEOPLE -- have awakened and are trying to stop being manipulated as they were with the 2008 and 2012 nominees. And the peasants beyond the moat are furious with the Congress elected in 2014.

Nicoenarg said...

Cruz would be a repeat of Obama I think. My way or the high way. And if he doesn't get his way, pout about it. I like Cruz, but as a senator. I don't see a leader there, yet. Maybe in 4 years or 8. Not yet.

I'd been watching all the debates and interviews but the most baffling thing was when Cruz attacks Trump (after praising him for weeks) and then Trump gets Cruz to applaud for him...that is leadership. That is a guy that can get things done. Cruz didn't know WTF to do at the time. Hillary or the Mummy Bernie hits him with something he didn't expect, what's he going to do? Applaud?

Even Palin thinks that Cruz should stay as a senator.

Trump may be seen as Camacho. Maybe. He is nothing like him though. You don't become as successful as he is if you're an idiot. Sure he's bombastic. Sure he's run his campaign like a reality tv show but he and no one else has been able to control the media. After so long he's the only Republican who's been able to tell the media to go f*** themselves and not back down.

I see Trump as a very calculating and smart guy. Yeah he's part of the entertainment industry and I hate to bring this up because I don't think Trump is like him but so was Ronald Reagan.

Always On Watch said...

The essay to which I referred earlier:

For the sake of the Republican party, both Trump and Cruz must lose by Michael Gerson.

Also see this:

The monumental fall of the Republican Party by E.J. Dionne. Excerpt:

...They promised radical reductions in the size of government, knowing no Republican president, including Ronald Reagan, could pull this off. They pledged to “take the country back,” leaving vague the identity of the people (other than Obama) from whom it was to be reclaimed. Their audiences filled in the blank. They denounced Obamacare as socialist, something, as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is pointing out, it decidedly is not. Indeed, it’s rooted in proposals Republicans once made themselves.

Politicians whose rhetoric brought the right’s loyalists to a boiling point now complain that they don’t much like the result. But it’s a little late for that. Why shouldn’t the party’s ultra-conservatives and its economically distressed working-class supporters feel betrayed? At least with Trump, Cruz and Palin, they have reason to think they know what they’re getting....