Saturday, January 23, 2016

Austria: High ranking Officers are warning: “The security of our country and our citizenry is severely endangered”

From Vlad Tepes Blog:
Many people have not reckoned with it before, but now they are speaking up. The officers of the Austrian armed forces are no longer silent! 
With a newly established platform “Fortified Austria” (Wehrhaftes Österreich), they point to the threats and dangers of a completely misguided security policy. 
Bottom line: The security of Austria is “severely endangered”, the body politic is looking the other way, and the armed forces are being politically instrumentalized, damned to inactivity, and economized out of existence. 
In a commercial published on January 1, 2016 the officers are speaking plain text. Alongside Colonel Siegfried Abel and the chief of the Officer corps, Colonel Erich Cibulka, General Günther Greindl is speaking as well. 
The former was crucial in the development of the modern armed forces, he was a representative of the Austrian armed forces in international institutions, he is the founder and the president of the “Federation of Austrian Peacekeepers” and he holds the Order of Merit for services rendered to the Republic of Austria. 
The Ministry of Defense and the federal government will necessarily feel put under pressure through the activities of these officers.
“As soldiers of the Austrian armed forces we are serving our country. We have performed this service for decades, with pride and with conviction.” But the threats are increasing. The East-West conflict between Russia and the NATO, terrorism in Europe through the Islamic State, and an uncontrolled mass migration of millions of people into Europe characterize the situation. 
Large parts of the political establishment are not acknowledging these threats due to ignorance and insider politics. Not only the armed forces are being destroyed, but the will of the people to defend the country is also being systematically ridiculed and destroyed.


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