Wednesday, December 27, 2006

American Professor: Bin Laden NOT Responsible for 9/11

Teach your children well. This professor infects teaches at Boston, Brandeis and formerly Georgetown Universities. Over at the Memri Blog here;

American Professor: Bin Laden NOT Responsible for 9/11 MEMRI

Dr. Natana DeLong-Bas, a lecturer in theology at Boston College and a visiting lecturer in Islamic Studies at Brandeis University, as well as a former teacher and researcher at Georgetown University's Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding,Drnatana was interviewed by Al-Sharq Al-Awsat in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where she said that the western media has given Osama bin Laden more status than he deserves. She added:

"I do not find any evidence that makes me agree that Osama bin Laden was behind the attack on the twin trade towers. All we have heard from him was simply a praise and commendation of those who had carried out the operation."

She said she was visiting Saudi Arabia for the second time, this time with her husband and two sons, so that they will discover for themselves that not everything said about Saudi Arabia in the U.S. is accurate.

About Dr. Natana DeLong-Bas according to the Muslim Educational Centre of Oxford (

"Natana J. DeLong-Bas is a Lecturer in Theology at Boston College and is also a Visiting Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Brandeis University, Massachusetts where she teaches a range of courses and conducts research in her field of expertise. Following a decade of teaching and research at Georgetown University's Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, she moved to New England. Dr DeLong-Bas is the widely acclaimed author of The Clash Within Civilization: The Jihad for the Soul of Islam in Contemporary Saudi Arabia (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2007), Notable Muslims: Muslim Builders of World Civilization and Culture (OneWorld Publications, 2006), Wahhabi Islam: From Revival and Reform to Global Jihad (Oxford University Press, 2004), and Women in Muslim Family Law (with John L. Esposito, Syracuse University Press, 2001). Dr DeLong-Bas is the Deputy Editor for The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World and the Oxford On-Line Islamic Resource Center. Her original research, farsighted scholarship and informed conclusions have transformed her into a leading authority on contemporary Islam, particularly the modern manifestations of Jihad, militancy and violence. A frequent speaker on Islam, Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism, she is a consultant to international corporations and national governments."

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to see what happens if DeLong-Bas steals an orange at a market in Saudi Arabia.

Anonymous said...

WTF Boston? Diana Eck oozes with this twisted 'scholarship' in this article as well

Utter drek. Spit.

Anonymous said...

The Saudis used the billions they made selling oil to us to poison our education "factories". They bought schools, departments, professors. DeLong-Bas is just one example among thousands of the result.

"With the oil crisis of 1973, the Wahabi network leaped ahead internationally. Back by the endlessly growing power of the Saudi state, the Salafi militants targeted the West... By the end of the cold war, pro-jihadist organizations had filled up universities... Students are misinformed by their professors, who were misinformed by theirs -- who were funded by the Wahabis... If you poison the factory, you devastate the streams and blur the nation's vision. From academia you reach the media, government, foreign policy, and eventually the military... The pressure groups active today that deny the existence of the threat are scrambling to counter the growing awareness... Wahabi 'lobbies' are moving full steam ahead to misinform the American public. The networks and interest groups use social institutions and civil rights legislation to advance their aims, while they claim to provide government agencies, schools, and media with their 'expertise' on Jihadism. In short, the Wahabi lobby wants to further confuse the American government and public as to the source of the terror: its ideology... if this goal is achieved, the U.S. public will be brought back to a pre-9/11 mindset that will leave them ripe for future attacks." -- Walid Phares, "Future Jihad".

It is a double-pronged strategy: keep the people in the dark and use the PC laws to tie the hands of those who do understand the threat and try to do something about it. Perfect example: the non-flying imams. Islamic "scholars" "humiliated" as they orchestrate a blatant provocation threaten to sue over "discrimination" and further weaken the nation's defenses.

Yet another reason why I fear the crucial factor of public awareness will not be turned around by anything short of another 9/11. But by then will it be too late?

Muslim Unity said...

Wasn't Osama a creation of America? Whoever did 9/11 did something horrible, and that doesn't mean all Muslims support it.

truepeers said...

Wasn't Osama a creation of America? Anyone who asks such simple-minded questions about human creation, desperately trying to point a finger of blame - as if only the Satanic "creates" anything more or new in this world that has already received the perfect revelation - needs some serious teaching about the human/divine creation that he obviously isn't getting from his present religion.

Osama is no doubt a "creation" of countless relationships. WHile these are largely Islamic in nature, of course America has played the game of ME politics and was for a time associated with the Islamists in Afghanistan, for better and worse. So what? How does anything America has done justify 9/11? You say it was something horrible and yet you seem to want to blame Osama on America as if America deserved what it got. You are a morally confused person.

Anyway, Muslim Unity, why don't you ask Osama himself. Can't we at least respect our enemy sufficiently to take the man at his word, unlike this professor who doesn't even have the intellectual honesty to admit what Osama has repeatedly acknowledged: his leadership in 9/11? Professors like this should be fired for intellectual and moral incompetence - it is not a question of academic feedom.

Epaminondas said...