Friday, December 29, 2006

It's time to settle the fundamental issue there a war going on? If so for what?

The headlines ANY DAY display it for all to see.

Senate Democrats plan to use their newfound power to revisit one of the most contentious national security matters of 2006: Deciding what legal rights must be protected for detainees held in the war on terrorism.

Afghanistan’s president on Thursday urged Pakistan to do more to stop Taliban and other militants sheltering and training on its territory rather than separating families with an impractical border fence and landmines.

A 45-member tribal jirga has warned pro-Taliban militant commanders against attacks on government officials and killings in North Waziristan.

Former Iranian officials spoke out against President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s hardline nuclear policies and urged a return to transparency and moderation, in interviews published on Thursday.


In the coming year, we should not abandon all idealism along with the dangerous illusions of the Bush era

Arlen Specter 'would meet' Ahmadinejad

Syria poised to assert itself

There are those who believe a war is going on and those who don't.

Settle the primary issue first

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