Thursday, December 21, 2006

"Devout Muslims" Dig Guns, Whores, Vodka, And Weed

Yes, it's true, or, at least according to this article from the London Telegraph:

Members of the gang cynically tried to exploit the tenuous links to their professed Islamic faith throughout the case.

Their religious "convictions" led to a day of court time being lost to allow them to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid (marking the end of the Ramadan fast) in prison.

During the hold-up at the travel agency, Muzzaker Shah warned one of the Asian staff at gunpoint, after showing him golden bullets: "Don't make me shoot you on a Friday [Muslim holy day]."

Only hours earlier, three of the gang had been drinking champagne and vodka and smoking cannabis before visiting a brothel.

For many Muslims it seems that Islam gives license to get away with anything, as long as it's perpetrated against Infidels. You see, it's ok to get wasted and screw an Infidel whore. It's ok to threaten an Infidel with a gun. It's ok to disrespect the Infidel Judicial system.

Some may think I am joking, or that I am being bigoted towards Islam. But, I'm not.

This is all ok according to the Koran.

The Koran says Muslims can lie in the service of Jihad. It says that Infidel women can be taken as booty and kept as prostitutes.

Actually, I am wrong on one count. I don't think there is any provision which says it is ok to drink alcohol, but certainly, the weed is fine. That's big in Muslim countries, where they call if "smoking kif."

Sounds like Islam is a pretty rock n' roll religion.

Maybe I will convert.

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