Tuesday, December 26, 2006

An Unnecessary Labyrinth

This post reminded me of my visits to Pakistan in the 1990s. At the time my family lived in Saudi Arabia and we would go to Pakistan once a year. There we would meet many family members.

I would exchange strong handshakes and a hug with every male relative. However, there would be zero contact with the females. I disliked that very much. Looking back, I realize just how torturous and sad it must be to be one of them. Not only were my female cousins completely ignored, it is likely that they "think" the whole situation to be alright.

I certainly don't think there's anything modest about that. In fact, it says a lot about the paranoia in that culture: uncovered meat is the cause of uncontrolled pillaging of women and a handshake between the sexes just might lead to things that Allah doesn't approve of. This rotten mindset makes men out to be unrestrained monsters and the entire being of a woman is condensed into her sexuality.

I much prefer the Western view: we're equals in the sense that shaking hands won't lead to fitna. It's better than being constantly reminded that both sexes are degenerate--something that can be countered by garbage bags.


Dag said...

I wrote on the same idea last evening. Today I find Pastorius writng on one of my favorite themes at CUANAS. The point is that we are becoming a unified voice of resistence to the Left dhimi fascism of our current time, an articulate and eventually profound programme of ourselves, and we will, if this continues, provide a clear response to the madness of our elites from the ground up, as it were.

We might in future consider our positive programme and articulate it for the public as opposed to our negative critique currently. I would suggest that a written programme of postions on this or that become part of a group who type up a manifesto for our preusal, something akin to the efforts of some of our trendier cohorts who made the Euston Declaration.

If that seems a reasonable idea, run it past Truepeers at Covenant Zone, he having given this idea much thought at a high level. We seem to be mostly on track with each othere, and now might be a good time to consider our postive future. Yes, girls should be welcome.

Pastorius said...

John Wheeler, one of the principle architects behind Reagan's plan to destroy the Soviet Union, and Baron/Dymphna of the Gates of Vienna, have formed a group called the 910 Group which I think is involved in a lot of the types of activities of which you speak.

Go to Baron's blog and you will find an opportunity to join and get involved. I am a member, but blogging is what I do. That's my service.