Saturday, December 30, 2006

Liberal, Conservative, Progressive, 'Christian Right' in the USA

Amid the the praise for Gerald Ford, who in my view, though I was certainly against it at the time, swallowed the succubus whole in pardoning Nixon, amid the harsh unforgiving condemnations in the democratic underground, or Huffington, amid the cacaphony to come over acceleration (or not) of US troops in Baghdad, amid the mindless hatred or intelligent criticism of Bush, AND (the 'rapist', political genius, husband of 'Foster killing' future prez, blah stupid blah) Clinton, amid the get out of Iraq now, stay the course, Walt and Mearsheimer, Holocaust denial, talk to and ignore Syria and Iran, jew neocon, christian zionist, naieve leftist, fascist commie, bulimic expository gag reflex campaign starting moronic shouting seemingly neverending blather and bother...american partisan division has never seemed greater.
The progressive "Henry Wallace" wing of the democratic party (i.e. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and can you say Bernie Sanders?) , which to any FDR-HST person represents some kind of non survival mutation (and who ended as despised by the like of HHH ) - still seems to be the VOICE of the democratic party. To be successful these people hide behind pols like the newly elected gun toting democratic Senator- elect from Montana. These same democratic mutants told me in 2002 that Lieberman and Biden were spineless war criminals, not 'democrats'. That's about right for the school of thought descended from a presidential campaign (1948) and former vice prez (1940-44) who opposed the Berlin airlift and saw not much wrong with Stalin in Eastern Europe.

The idiotic and frightening religious right, masquerading as if they are the essence of Barry Goldwater, meanwhile, has in the persons of people like Trent Lott, James Dobson (hey, just choose the links and make up your own mind) taken possession of the word 'conservative'

To say it as if I am Disraeli, this is somewhat regrettable. About as regrettable as being caught with your mistress, your face between her thighs, naked, by your 7 year old daughter walking in with her doll in one hand and a schoolbook in the other about to ask you the correct spelling of Ouagoudougou for her entry in the National Geographic Bee finals.

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