Thursday, December 28, 2006

Which Is The Zombie?

The blogger, or Human Rights Watch?

Well, the bloggers name happens to be Zombie, but I'm afraid it is more likely that Human Rights Watch is the brain-dead, flesh-eating monster in this case.

Human Rights Watch is trying, in a very inept manner, to make the case that Israel purposely targeted a Red Cross ambulance during the Hizbollah War. Now, of course, Israel would have good reason to target a Red Cross ambulance, if they did, because Palestinians on occasion used them to launch attacks.

However, there is scant evidence that Israel did any such thing.

Check out this portion of Human Rights Watch's case against Israel:

Human Rights Watch cannot conclusively state which missiles were used in the attack on the ambulances, because our researchers did not find diagnostic shrapnel or missile parts at the scene, and because of the experimental nature of some missiles used by the IDF....

Regardless of the weapon used, the IDF certainly has the capability to attack vehicles with limited impact missiles designed to cause low collateral damage....

The missile traveled from the roof of ambulance 777 through the gurney on which Ahmed Fawaz was strapped, severing his leg, and then through the floor of the ambulance deep into the pavement of the road.

Ah yes, the "experimental nature of some missiles used by the IDF." I mean, if the IDF uses "experimental missiles" then Human Rights Watch has no responsibility to actually provide any evidence in the end, because they wouldn't know what to look for, now would they?

And, for God's sake, we know those sneaky Jews are always working with nefarious super-weapons of one kind or another.

Funny that the evidence left by this particular diabolical Jewish super-weapons seems to bear a striking to a "kinetic energy penetrator" - you know, like a cannonball.

Go over to Zombie's site and read the whole thing.

Charles points out that Human Rights Watch is funded by George Soros.

More about Human Rights Watch at Discover the Network.

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