Saturday, December 30, 2006

Do British Muslims Support Terror?

I wish there were better statistics and numbers available to put the Islamofascist problem into perspective. To me the problem is obvious - and the few available numbers usually document the worst fears. Alas, nobody in authority is interested in scientifically analyzing the Islamofascist problem - on the contrary any existing numbers are either hidden, ridiculed or the publication even outlawed.

Pastorius earlier today posted: Tiny Minority Of Extremists Update - 40% Want Sharia Law, which is very interesting.

However, that only 1 percent of British Muslims actually supported the terrorist attacks in London I don't believe. Otherwise more moderate Muslims would have demonstrated their outrage against terrorism. I wonder how many British Islamofascists would openly answer a pollster with: "I thought the killings were great..." Not very many I think. MI5 would otherwise have a very easy time identifying potential terrorists!

This posting on Jihad Watch (hat tip) describes an earlier poll by the Guardian.
Almost one in 10 British Muslims would not inform police if they suspected that someone of the same faith was involved in a terror attack, a poll suggested.

The ICM poll for the News of the World found 9% of the 502 questioned would not tell police if they had such suspicions about a fellow Muslim.

With a Muslim population aged over 16 in Britain of around one million, that would translate to 90,000 "turning a blind eye", the newspaper said.

However, almost nine out of every 10 (86%) would contact police, according to the survey.

Among young Muslims, the figures for keeping quiet were higher with 15% of 16 to 24-year-olds saying they would not tell police and 81% saying they would.

The poll also found that one in 20 Muslims thought attacks like the July 7 bombings were justified. And more than half (56%) said they did not believe a police warning that there are thousands of extremist British Muslims willing to carry out attacks here....

More than eight in 10 (86%) said the Prime Minister should shoulder some of the blame and 72% blamed non-Muslims for racist and "Islamophobic" behaviour.

However, two thirds (66%) said the Muslim community's failure to root out extremists was a factor. Meanwhile, 83% accepted that the terrorists themselves were to blame although one in 10 said they were not.

I continue to think the real numbers are much worse.


Pastorius said...

I very much agree with you, my friend. I have been in that neighborhood, and I know the truth. It is far more than 1%.

Pastorius said...

And, that is probably the one thing that has turned me into an extremist.