Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Islamic Brand of Idiocy

Lightness of Being:

I love listening to right wing radio and sometime surfing the web to just hear what people on the “other” side of the fence are saying about current events. Yes, it does make my blood boil (I haven’t mastered the art of remaining cool in front of particular brands of idiocy) [...]

Speaking of which:

In discussing Islam and Muslims, there is a pattern that follows a predictable course of events. News stories are gathered far and wide, of every single foible that has been committed by someone whose religion happens to be Islam. The crime is discussed at length by experts who manage to draw in Islamic scripture (forever out of context) to justify where these people are getting their inspiration from. Maligning Islam and Muslims is the order of the day.

Oh, please. The MSM goes out of its way to obscure the Muslim angle. The culprits are often described as "militants" (Iraq), "youths" (France) or "activists" (Hamas). The same media pixelated or didn't even bother to showcase the most newsworthy cartoons in history because they didn't want their heads chopped off to offend Muslims.

What would happen if a concerted effort was made to look into every criminal (street or at the state level) to tally up their crimes and their respective religions (whether they follow the particular religion or not). What would happen if we woke up one fine morning and decided to tally up all the crimes committed by followers of Christianity, Judaism, Atheism, Buddhism…

How many Christians, Jews, atheists and Buddhists murder innocents in the name of their God / beliefs in the modern world?

Perhaps, I missed a video from Rome in which a Christian group chants, "In the name of Our Lord" as they plunge a dagger into the heart of a non-Christian.

Perhaps, I missed the news about the Jewish group that took Palestinian kids hostage, and then later raped and murdered hundreds of them.

Perhaps, I didn't follow the story about a couple of atheists who shouted "Marx Akbar" as they blew themselves up in the mosque in Medina.

Perhaps, I was on vacation when nineteen Buddhists plowed a couple of airliners into downtown Beijing.

This same logic was used to denigrate African Americans, such that any time any crime was committed by a Black person, the whole race would be maligned because of it. The same racist tendencies were used to isolate Japanese people, Jewish people, the Irish, and so on and so forth.

That's cute. Though, do note: Islam ain't a race.

Why is it acceptable to twist Islam and tarnish all Muslims with the same brush (because of the actions of the few); while it is now looked on as reprehensible to do so with any of the other minority/majority groups that have their own share of problems still.

Again: Islam is a religion / an ideology / a cult. It can be mocked and criticized. If you think that what Islam demands of you is deranged, then leave the faith. If, however, you think that the criticism of Islam is not justified, then please do tell us why. Constantly whining like a three-year-old and calling yourself a victim doesn't help.

It’s heartbreaking to deal with this systematic dehumanization of Muslims.

Systematic dehumanization? It'd be nice to provide a few examples.

In over a decade in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, my family and I were treated as garbage--we had to hide our faith and keep our heads down to get by. However, here in Western nations, to whom I appear a Muslim, I've never felt more human. How utterly repulsive it is for this ungrateful woman to enjoy such historical freedom and precious liberty and then to conveniently trash the very people and society that provide her that.

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Anonymous said...

It's almost funny how logically flawed your response is.

I am not one to engage in this fruitless debates, but here's a response:

Take care of you.

Isaac Schrödinger said...

snouck: You're correct.

However, I was referring to the modern world. I should have been more specific and asked about non-Muslim crimes in the 21st century.

Pastorius said...

I have been seeing your "20 Things" piece get linked at various websites and discussion forums.

Good to know, huh?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. It's good to know I've helped to promote real 'Islamic Awareness', as distinct from the many campus taqiyya-fests presented as 'Islamic Awareness Weeks'

Pastorius said...

I should make it a point of saving the links when I find them. I will try to remember.

Maybe you could Technorati it.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of Islam(ic) Awareness Weeks, why do the unfortunate students at Virgina Polytechnic and the University of Miami need an Islam Awareness MONTH? and