Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Final Solution

Black Lion offers unintentional comedy.

Every race is preferred above us in almost every society. And when it comes to complexion, ours are the most despised, while we have no problems with other people’s colors or looks at all.

Yup, who ever heard of a black racist!?

In order to stone a woman or man to death, she or he must be guilty of adultery and have four witnesses to her or his act testify. She may not be stoned if she was raped or coerced, as the woman in Nigeria testified she was.

Aw, how sweet.

I listed some of the problems, but we already know this. The solution seems to evade and stomp us.

Islam is the answer. Regardless of the question.

Here the jackal lion wishes for some hard Islam:

Where did Allah say to fight a non-violent revolution? Muhammad had people killed for insulting Allah's religion. He was merciful to a Jewish woman who threw trash on his yard, but she didn't insult his religion or his Lord. And when she was ill, he visited not to be humble, but to make dawah to her and invite her to Islam while she had breath in her body. And the verses regarding jihad hadn't yet been revealed. When they were, he killed those who insulted Allah or His religion directly. Had them assassinated!


Anonymous said...

G_d bless Ethiopia:

Anonymous said...

Well, hello again.
I see I've been linked again from here. Thank you for that, I never expected to be so loved and paid attention to.
And yes, I do wish for some hard Islam, if that's what you call things like self-respect and being disgusted by the worship of non-deities. If that's what you call wanting Shariah to apply to Muslims and the shariah of Christians and Jews to apply to themselves, then I want hard Islam. I'm tired of seeing the innocent trampled by the wicked, the honest oppressed by the greedy.
Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Lion...start from arab countries, with sheicks and princes. How about that ? And christians dont have sharia, we have laws, civil rights. Looks like you (not you as person, you as "ummah") dont obey theese laws. There are many things to talk about, but I'm pretty sure you dont want that.

Anonymous said...

Prophecy comes true in Africa:

From ....

"Somali and Ethiopian troops drove Islamic fighters out of the last major town before Mogadishu on Wednesday, and the government predicted that the capital and stronghold of the radical Islamists would fall without a fight."

From ...

"Marco Polo had discussed Ethiopia as a magnificent Christian land and Orthodox Christians had a legend that the nation would one day rise up and invade Arabia, but they didn't place Prester John there.
Then in 1306 thirty Ethiopian ambassadors from Emperor Wedem Arad came to Europe, and Prester John was mentioned as the patriarch of their church in a record of their visit.
The first clear description of an African Prester John is in the Mirabilia Descripta of Dominican missionary Jordanus, around 1329. In discussing the "Third India", Jordanus records a number of fanciful stories about the land and its king, whom he says Europeans call Prester John. After this point, an African location became increasingly popular; by the time the emperor Lebna Dengel and the Portuguese had established diplomatic contact with each other in 1520, Prester John was the name by which Europeans knew the Emperor of Ethiopia. "

How do we support Ethiopia like we supported Denmark? What do they produce that we can buy - Coffee maybe?

Anonymous said...

US supports Ethiopean anti-Jihadists:

Anonymous said...


“Ethiopia is the only country in Africa with an unbroken sovereignty and is one of the oldest continuous nations in the world. Recently being regarded as "the cradle of mankind", Ethiopia is also the second-oldest official Christian nation in the world, after Armenia. “

So these Ethiopians were Christians long ago when we Anglo-Saxons , Celts, Picts , Vikings etc were running around stark naked, dyed blue with woad and banging one another over the head with battleaxes and clubs with nails sticking out... Makes you think.

G_d Bless and preserve Ethiopia for another two millenia and more, and may her people prosper and live in peace.

Anonymous said...

Time for talk is over. You hate Islam, and you've made that clear. Now what are you gonna do about it?