Friday, December 22, 2006

UN Security Council gets tough on Iran - will keep list of bad Iranians who travel- IF RUSSIA ALLOWS THIS

So we know the Russians are not stupid, but how much are they being paid to look craven?

The UN Security Council, a contemptible lunch club, no doubt missing the Rainbow Room far more than Bill Clinton, is ready to take the horrifically frightening steps of freezing the assets of a few Iranian companies which have assets in foreign banks and work in the nuke program, and ban the travel of 12 Iranians also working in the nuclear program ... and Russia won't allow that, wanting the travel ban watered down to to keeping a list of when these 12 people travel.

And the tough diplomats, breaking between Bally workouts and pastrami fressers on Rye sent in from the Carnegie deli cave in and decide to keep a list ...ooooooooooooooooo...I'm sure Mesbah Yazdi and Ahmadi-nezhad has drawn the correct conclusion from that.


So far, Bush has refrained from appointing anyone to replace Bolton, and it's no longer even mentioned in the press. I hope it stays like that. Let's just stop sending checks.

In a concession to Russia on Wednesday, the Europeans deleted a mandatory travel ban and instead told nations to notify a Security Council sanctions panel should any of 12 Iranians involved in the country's nuclear programs visit their countries. Their names are on a list attached to the resolution.

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