Monday, December 25, 2006

Olmert is a SCHLEMIEL...Don't stop terror rockets, says Israeli prime minister

New rules of engagement restrict army from taking defensive actions

By Aaron Klein © 2006 JERUSALEM – Prime Minister Ehud Olmert yesterday rejected a plan by military leaders here to allow the Israeli Defense Forces to take out Palestinian militants it catches in the process of launching rockets from the Gaza Strip into nearby Jewish cities, WND has learned.

IDF leaders charged Olmert was "damaging" Israeli security.

Following a cease-fire imposed in Gaza Nov. 26, Olmert has restrained the IDF from taking any defensive measures to stop the regular firing of Palestinian Qassam rockets into Israeli communities.

Since the truce went into effect, nearly 50 rockets were fired from Gaza.

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Jim said...

So Olmert is sucking up to the Palestineans and not allowing the IDF to go after terrorists setting up rockets. It would serve Olmert right if one of those terrorist rockets hits his house, preferably while he's in it.

Olmert is a traitor to Israel and should be immediately removed from office and locked up. Not only for forbidding the IDF to do it's job, but for giving the Palestineans $100 million to buy more rockets and bombs with.

The man needs to either leave office or remove his head from his rectum.

For those of us in the U.S. imagine terrorists in Mexico launching rockets into the U.S. The Mexican government knows about it, but does nothing. Our military sees them setting up rocket launchers, but is prohibited by W from doing anything about it.

ziontruth said...

You know how people (the majority of Israeli Jews) call Olmert now?


Smol: Hebrew for "Left". "Smolanut", or Leftism, has become synonymous among the Israeli Jewish public with defeatism and self-loathing. A lot of left-wingers today qualify their political stance by saying, "I'm a Ben-Gurion Leftist". It's like an American would call himself an "FDR Leftist" or "Truman Democrat" today.

The other part of the appellation is from a fairly well-known word in Frogspeak.

Anyway, one thing good that came out of the assassination of Rabin is no one among the Israeli Jews is calling for any form of violence toward Olmert. But the overwhelming majority wants a no-confidence vote against him. Our patience is being tried to its very end.