Friday, December 29, 2006

Breaking News: Jews Are Behind Al Qaeda

Roger Simon tells about his taxi ride in Seattle:

Yesterday afternoon, after wrapping up our vacation, Sheryl, Madeleine and I started back to our hotel to pick up our bags and head home to LA. We were with our friend and my Pajamas colleague Gerard. He proposed we take a cab; he would drop us by the hotel before continuing to his home.

We found one quickly. It was driven by an African guy. We had to instruct him about the location of our hotel; it was new. In the course of this I asked him where he was from. Kenya, he said. But then quickly added he was Somali. Many Somalians live in Kenya.

Ah, Somalia. Immediately the three adults in the car perked up. We acknowledged we knew there was big trouble in that country, the attack from Ethiopia on the ICU, etc. To our surprise, our driver immediately launched into a vitriolic attack on Al Qaeda. They were evil violent men, hijacking Islam across the globe. He had details of their infiltration of Somalia from a phone call he had made the previous night, how they were using Saudi money, etc. Thousands of people were being murdered by these Wahhabis for no reason. He was obviously following the situation closely. Al Qaeda was a danger to all mankind, he said.

It was a refreshing to hear this view from a Moslem taxi driver in Seattle. He was obviously pleased that we recognized the travails of his people too. So he continued with his explication of what was behind this terrible situation - how the Moslem religion could have been taken over by these violent forces. Someone was behind the rise of this Saudi Wahhabism . The answer, he said, was Israel. It was all an Israeli plot. They were behind the Wahhabis.

Suddenly our hearts sank. How could a man who seemed so reasonable, so knowledgeable, say something so obviously crazy?

Learn how. Go read the rest.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, it's always the jooooooos.

You know, Stuck MoJo just updated their outstanding rendition of "OPEN SEASON" on youtube. I didn't think it could get any better than the original but this remix has ALL the Bells and Whistles included . . . Check here:

Perhaps this band will take the material provided in this essay about the world's complicity in the greatest deception of all time . . .here:
By Ben Dror Yemini

creating a rap/rock rendition with lyrics following the synopsis:

Since 1948, the number of Muslims killed by the Americans and Israelis combined is still less than the number killed by the FRENCH.

"Yo, Achmed what up with blaming the jooo shit?"

the number of Muslims killed by the French, Israelis, and Americans combined is still less than the number killed by the SOVIETS/RUSSIANS.

"Yo, Achmed what up with blaming the jooo shit?"

the number of Muslims killed by the Soviets, Russians, French, Israelis, and Americans, combined, is still about 1/3 of the number of Muslims who have been killed by

"Yo, Achmed what up with blaming the jooo shit?"

[ , , ]

Epaminondas said...

Y'know I finally cajoled the local secret rabbi protocols subcommittee (they meet once a week in the Hyman Shapiro Memorial SARS Research Room in the 3rd basement of Eastern Maine Medical Center) to get me a scrambled jew phone. That's the cirucit that warned everyone to stay home on 9/11, right?

When it rang this morning they told me my new name would be Achmed, and to grow a beard, and prepare for action. They didn't like the way I shouted the "U" in 'Allah u Akbar', so I have to practice some more, before heading to waziristan where I am told I will be Emir of the Quryash.