Wednesday, December 27, 2006

CAIR Billboard Photoshop Contest!

This CAIR billboard is just too much not to mess with, it is BEGGING to be Photoshopped. My skills are minimal, but even I managed something. We have a lot of talented contributors and readers here, and I'm sure that we can all come up with LOTS of submissions (no pun intended). So have some good Infidel fun folks, and keep them coming in!

Here's my less than adequate but goofy one, followed by a nice one sent to me by someone wishing to remain anonymous:


Anonymous said...

It appears that the CAIR sponsored billboard is backed by another unidentified billboard. May I suggest duelling billboards . . . remember this?

Or perhaps a billboard listing the names and faces of CAIR associates that have been convicted and or deported through anti-terror legislation (add a bubble image of the current CAIR apologists defending the convicted)


Pastorius said...

You Zionist Jew-Bitch Whore. You, you, you, Mr. Pimp.

Anonymous said...

This is insults Islam and the holey profit, Pour Beer Upon Him. Its a real shonda-- worse than a gulag, in fact...its all about oil. I will tell your mommy. Yada, yada, yada.


The Hallibushitler lied, millions sighed. I will issue a fatwa when I have some free time-- if only to promote peace, love and understanding amongst and betweenst our fellow mans. And also womyn-persons. And all our innocent little animal friends, which the counter-revolutionary neo-colonialist liitle-green-football-worshipping revanchist Zionazi Neo-cons and their imperialistic running cold eat their flesh.

Eat a carrot today...or better yet, some politically correct a cute little bunny wabbit from islamophobic-based persecution.

Kiddo said...

Anon--that'll be good in a separate contest. This one's so open for Mo though, they're really just asking for it in this category.....LOL

Pastorius, I know, I know, where will my Zionist Jew Bitchery end? ROFL!

Jason Pappas said...

Reading between the lines ... made easy.

Anonymous said...

So where is this billboard, anyway? And is the contest for Photoshop only or would it be worthwhile to pick up a ladder and a couple buckets of paint?

Stogie said...

My entry is up and running. See it at

Thanks for this fun assignment! I love this kind of stuff.

Kiddo said...

Actually, see Stogie's at
It's really funny!

mts said...

My entry for an alternate billboard:

It's been my background screen for a while.

Anonymous said...

Why is every Muslim country so dysfunctional and backwards? What is in the Muslim religion's weltgeist to make things turn out this way?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous asks:
Why is every Muslim country so dysfunctional and backwards? What is in the Muslim religion's weltgeist to make things turn out this way?

An Iranian blogger tries to explain it simply here

It is Islam, Dummy By: Amil Imani

[ , , ]
=\o/= AnonYmouse

scrilla said...

lol nice one, don't think we will see this from CAIR any time soon

Anonymous said...

These pictures and the comments raised are a series of attacks aimed at Muslims and Islam. These attacks only truly appeared in the forefront of a few peoples mind post 9-11.

Now the question must be, does sorrow and sadness transform to islamophobia and racism. Does it justify an illegal war in Iraq failed promises in Afghanistan and the support of Israel’s antihuman war in Lebanon?

Furthermore, what’s greater then America is the aspiration of a human to determine there own destiny.

Such aspiration is materialising in the Muslim, so as your irrational insults grow so is there determination to see a United Muslim Nation, with a constitution of peace tolerance and with the new old concept of NO COLONIALISM.

Pastorius said...

Your psuedo-compassionate words contain no justification of your criticism of our points. Make an argument.

In what way are our point "irrational?"