Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pakistan IS on the other side, George, why don't you get this?

Is he as dumb as the libs have been claiming?

I just DON'T believe that. I just can't encompass that. But then there's ole pootey-poot


New York Times Reporter: I Was Assaulted by Pakistani Agents

New York Times correspondent Carlotta Gall tells ABC News she was assaulted by plain-clothed government security agents while reporting in Quetta, a Pakistani city near the Afghan frontier where NATO suspects the Taliban hides its shadow government.

Akhtar Soomro, a freelance Pakistani photographer working with Gall, was detained for five-and-a-half hours. According to Gall, the agents broke down the door to her hotel room, after she refused to let them enter, and began to seize her notebooks and laptop. When she tried to stop them, she says one of the men punched her twice in the face and head.

"I fell backwards onto a coffee table smashing the crockery," she recalled in a written account of the incident. "I have heavy bruising on my arms, on my temple and my cheekbone, and swelling on my left eye and a sprained knee."

Hamid Gul's ("The Mossad did 9/11" ...from an INTELLIGENCE AGENCY??) ISI were the paymasters of the the Taliban, and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and other america hating deobandi descended sons of bitches. There is just no doubt in my mind that these bastards not only know who the Pakistani, Waziri based Taliban are, and where they are, but GUARD them zealously from spying american reporters, even those of the Bush hating NYT.
But the problem is that the ISI more closely represents the lunatics of the MMA, the Pakistani people in general and their education, such as it is. These people have been laid low by the teachings of racist, xenophobic, imperialist theofascist salafists.

Yet we persist...

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Anonymous said...

The truth hurts. Especially when true conservative patriots are shouted down by a screeching corps of self-declared "experts".......intent on destroying our national heritage and our Founding Father's legacy of liberty and freedom.

A few decades in [that evil, expansionist]Israel has made it impossible for me to adopt a polite, "PC" attitude when it comes to war, and this is the most important war to be fought in the last 500 years.

Islam is at war with the Western world...and our leaders have for the most part, sold us down the river....for cash and stock options. They do not "Hate us for our freedoms".....if that were true, the Muslim hordes would be warming to us at an increasing rate..............as we have been illegally deprived of the freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution for years now.

They hate us (Christian, Jew, Hindu, Atheist..) because they are commanded to hate ALL NON MUSLIMS...."freedom" is not an issue. This is a Holy War....and it will decide who rules whom for the next millennium.

Anonymous said...

Correction my friend....this millenium...

Anonymous said...

A point to note is that no other religion has such a barbaric history like Islam. The compassion, spiritual wisdom, and knowledge of many great faiths are in stark contrast to the blind beliefs that Islam propagates. Equality of mankind and acceptance of others regardless of their faith is integral part of many religions and foreign to Islam.

The vast majority of people of other faiths believe in equality of mankind, regardless of a racist or discrimination incident here or there. But in Islam, the discrimination is so in-built and state sanctioned that no one considers it a violation anymore. Human rights groups routinely criticizes U.S. and India (the beacons of freedom in the world), but has a blind eye to what happens is Islamic countries.

What gives folllowers of Islam to demand respect for their religion and freedom to practice it when there is no place for non-muslims in countries where they are in majority? As an example, non-muslim workers in oil-rich arab countries face faith based discrimnation for recruitment, vacation, etc. that would have untolerable if they happened in non-islamic countries.