Monday, December 25, 2006

Veiled Christmas Speech

It's was all so predictable really wasn't it? The usual fare. Britain needs to be more tolerant. She's against the war in Afghanistan. She doesn't want a single person to die. That of course would include the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and possibly Bin Laden himself. She didn't state that but unless she has subnormal intelligence, this is exactly what she means.

She asserted the usual lies that Islam is a religion of peace. No aknowledgement that British Muslims have any responsibility WHATSOEVER. However, mainstream Britain needs to be more tolerant. Riiiight.

She was complaining about the media just focusing on the extremists, saying why can't they concentrate more on the moderates like her. Which for the first part I agree, however somebody who wears the niqab and thinks the war on the Taliban is wrong is not a moderate.

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Pastorius said...

You got that right.

There are people passing themselves off as moderates here in this country who hold the same line. It disgusts me.

Pacifists of all stripes are not moderates anyway. In my opinion, they are radicals and they are dangerous to humanity.

If it is true that all that needs to happen for evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing, then it is also true that the more pacifists we have in our midst, the more evil will triumph in many ways.