Saturday, December 30, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now?

From Redneck Texan:

Iran continues to predict the imminent destruction of Israel, and promises to do what it can to help make that happen. Israel responds with dark threats of countermeasures that will prevent Iranian plans from working.

Most people think that the most likely Israeli response is air strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities. But Israel has another weapon available, but one with serious side effects. Israel has a satellite launch capability that could put a nuclear weapon in low orbit (about 200 kilometers up).

Once over Iran, the nuclear bomb could be detonated, and create an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse), which would destroy most of the military and civilian electronics in Iran. That would be a major setback to the Iranian nuclear weapons program, and the Iranian economy.

There would be ugly side effects. The nuclear blast would also create a temporary belt of intense radiation, which would destroy or damage many of the low earth orbit satellites up there.

There would be $100 billion, or more, in damage to these satellites, and several years of disrupted communications, GPS and weather prediction service until all the damaged satellites could be replaced.

It's this collateral damage, more than anything else, that protects Iran from this kind of attack.

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Chuck the Lucky said...

I suspect that there would be a lot of damage to nations like Iraq and Afghanistan where a lot of effort and money is being expended to build modern nation states.

Also, taking out the Iranian economy would lower all boats so to speak. The Iranian middle class and University students not to mention disgruntled ethnic populations would be just as, if not more disempowered as the regime would be. Revolutionary guardsmen and individual theocratic thugs can do much of their ass kicking and torture in the dark and Castro and Saddam have shown that a ruined economy does not equal a ruined autocrat.

That is my take on it anyway.

I think the idea of smuggling in huge amounts of arms, ammo, communications equipment and other supplies to areas of political instability in Iran is a much better long term strategy. They are doing it to Iraq, Lebanon and other places so why not return the favor?

Chuck the Lucky said...

As a matter of fact, why is everyone waiting for America's government, the entity which would have the most blame dumped on it if caught doing this to take the initiative? Drug cartels should love the idea of overthrowing a government which uses the death penalty and other grim punishments to punish criminals. The Saudis are worried about militant "Shiah evangelism" being spread by Iran so why don't they take some action, or rich people who just don't like the Iranian regime. Put enough money behind a smuggling operation and you can get just about anything just about anywhere. What better way for a rich fella to make his mark on the world than by helping to overthrow a vicious regime?

People always say they hate big government but they never take matters into their own hands. Just wait and hope that the Pentagon will solve things, is that it? I say no. Overthrow a dictator today! You'll be glad you did.