Saturday, December 30, 2006

Storm Track Appeasement: Democrats to TSA – Quotas, Yes. Terrorists, No

“Hey you! The one with the bomb belt. Come on through. We reached our quota today.”

Think that’s absurd? Not if the Democrats have their way. The American Thinker has a very informed post about the Flying Imams and their newly elected useful idiots in the Democratic Congress. The most important part of the post is an excerpt from the legislation proposed by the Democrat led House.

The title of the Bill is S. 2138 and here’s what it says.

S. 2138 provides federal funding defaults and potential civil penalties for any agencies which, when challenged, cannot prove that they did not racially profile anyone they questioned, detained, searched, or seized contraband from. It broadly defines the offense as relying, to any degree, on race, ethnicity, national origin, or religion in selecting which individuals to subject to routine or spontaneous investigatory activities or deciding upon the scope and substance of law enforcement activity following the initial investigatory procedure....It further requires that law enforcement agencies keep records as to the race, ethnicity, national origin and religion of all stops and searches. This data will be analyzed regularly by designees of the DOJ to determine if that agency is engaging in profiling. These inane determinations will be made based upon percentages of encounters compared to percentages of the population.

The most obvious problem? “The new law could keep our courts busy entertaining frivolous lawsuits driven by cherry-picked data and our law enforcement agencies more concerned with sticking to quota than solving and preventing crimes.”

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.

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Anonymous said...

So, in proportion to percentage population, how many Methodist grandmothers have you got to strip-search before your can search one Arab male?

And what if the composition of the flying population isn't the same as that of the general population? For example, 1.6 million meteorite worshippers are currenly on their way to Motown for their annual rock concert, but I can't imagine that this horde contains many Lubavitcher Hasidim or Southern Baptists.

Anonymous said...

I spoke today with an acquaintance who recently lost most of her personal papers in a house fire. She is in her 50s and is the town historian where she lives. She is having trouble trying to get a new drivers license because the DMV says her immigration papers are not in order.

She emigrated from Iceland.

At the age of 3.

But hey, at least no one can accuse the DMV of "profiling"...