Sunday, December 24, 2006

"A Scrap of Paper"

After the "wiping Israel off the map" comment, we get this:

Iran condemned a U.N. sanctions resolution as “a piece of torn paper” that would not scare Tehran and vowed on Sunday to accelerate uranium enrichment work immediately.

And so we enter 1939. Again.


Pastorius said...

Well, now that Iran has told the UN what they think of the scrap of paper, the UN can go back to months and months of debating and writing of strongly worded letters.

Isaac Schrödinger said...

Ah yes, the sequel: The Scrap of Paper Reloaded.

Tagline: This time we REALLY mean it, pal.

Ecran Bleu said...

So, since the UN is demonstrating, yet again I could say, that it is just a bunch of clowns that can only talk the talk, one has to wonder: Who will have to clean up this mess? The US? Israel?

Considering that Iran's threat to wipe out Israel off the map with an atomic bomb has to be taken SERIOUSLY, someone will have to prevent the nut jobs in Tehran from having the capability to make this happen. The UN has shown it is incompetent, so someone else will have to step up to the plate.