Thursday, December 21, 2006

British airline bans Bibles to Saudi Arabia

Britain's BMI airlines have banned its employees from bringing non-Muslim religious articles on its lucrative Saudi Arabia route.

Keep in mind - this was not in response to a request from Saudi Arabia. Like good little dhimmis, they want to proactively deny their own rights to make sure they don't upset the 'ummah.
London, Dec 21 (ZEENEWS.COM) A British airline has banned its crew from taking the Bible into Saudi Arabia for fear of upsetting Muslims.

BMI bosses have told staff to take the Koran instead, and this without any intimation to this effect from Riyadh.

As expected, things have not gone down too well with the staff. One middle-aged stewardess is planning to sue BMI for religious discrimination at an industrial tribunal due to take place in the New Year.

In the meantime, BMI has decided to exclude her from flights to Saudi Arabia.

A BMI source said: “Foreign Office advice is that non-Islamic religious material is not permitted in Saudi”.

But another BMI worker said: “We understand our embassy has confirmed that the Saudis never enforce this rule”.

“The stewardess is deeply religious and takes her Bible everywhere she travels. The bottom line is BMI don’t want to jeopardise the Saudi route, which is worth millions to them,” The Sun quoted the worker as saying.

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Isaac Schrödinger said...

I used to travel to Saudi Arabia.

The airline would 'serve' alcohol on the trip. Though, it couldn't 'sell' alcohol to the passengers.

And, as soon as the plane entered Saudi airspace, the booze would get locked up.

It was one of the weirdest things to see. Though, understandable since the punishment for the mere possession of an alcoholic beverage is (drum roll) death.