Sunday, December 24, 2006

I choose not to be a martyr…

I remember that I used to be very fond of martyrdom. I never forgot what my parents and teachers taught me about martyrdom—they told me, that’s what Mohammed always wished for. Since I wanted to be like him in all respects, death was constantly on my mind. I wasn’t scared of it, rather, I wanted to embrace it.

Today, when I look back, I see that wish in a distant corner locked up in a box, because Christianity taught me how to ‘live’, not die. Through Christianity, I learned how to make the world around me better, and I forgot all about devising heroic plans to die. The difference between Christianity and Islam, to me, is the same as that between life and death and as clear as the difference between light and darkness. Islam always seemed to be a quick one-way trip to death—the answer to all the world’s problems was death in the name of Allah—but Christianity is a whole new hope for life.
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Volt said...

It all makes perfect sense now! I said that I would not trust this jawa as far as I can throw him. Perhaps I was mistaken... nope! This post confirms that suspicion.

I notice that this post had zero comments. It is probably the least read post in IBA history. You should all find the implications disturbing! Clearly this "Avenging Apostate" character is a coward and a traitor. He is utterly devoid of any honesty or integrity.

Is someone who refuses to be a martyr a coward? That is debatable, and I would not necessarily say so, but I think most would argue that someone who is willing to be a martyr is of greater bravery and courage than someone who is unwilling, even if the latter is not a coward. Maybe someone is simply not inclined to be a martyr. Does that make them a coward? However, someone who IS inclined to be a martyr, and indeed was once enthusiastic about the possibility, but who suddenly refuses, is undeniably a coward.

And how could this be? Well, notwithstanding the somewhat stereotypical assumption that young Muslim males are suicide bombers in waiting, the fact is that Christians invariably face a much higher probability of martyrdom than Muslims in Islamic countries, particularly Pakistan, much of Afghanistan, Islamofascist Iran, the Gulf Arab states, and Somalia, than Muslims do. That is an uncontroversial, undeniable, indisputable fact, and it does not take a mathematical genius to assess the odds. Growing up, when young "Avenging Apostate" (I'll call him Abu for brevity) faced a real possibility, albeit a slim chance in actuality, of martyrdom, he embraced said possibility, as it was probable-but-not-so-probable. When Abu renounced Islam for Christianity, all of a sudden the odds of his martyrdom skyrocketed, and then he conveniently "chose not to be a martyr." This coward basically admits that if he could deny Christ to save his life he would do so, coming from someone who was once happy to die for al-Islam. As a Christian, shouldn't you take exception to that? Abu will never be as committed to Christianity as he was to Islam. Or else, he is willing to die for his creed when it is a possible risk but not when it is a probable risk.

Volt said...

He hides his cowardice by spouting off happy horseshit about how Christianity is a "life-affirming" religion but Islam is a "death cult." Martyrdom is endorsed in all three Semitic monotheistic religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism (refer to the story of Samson), so I guess that makes all three "death cults." (Though to a much lesser extent in the case of Judaism as it is not quite as keen on martyrdom as Christianity or Islam.) What Abu does not realize is that his statement is insulting to Christians. So many Catholic saints were martyrs. Protestants may not be as crazy about the idea, Evangelical Christianity being the Walmart of religions, but was not Jesus himself a martyr? From the horse’s mouth: “I am a ‘Christian’ who does not believe Christianity is worth dying for, even though I did believe that Islam is worth dying for when I was a Muslim.”

Abu is a coward at best! This assumes that he is even sincere about his conversion. I suspect that he may be a liar and a fraud. A phony "Christian" and "anti-Jihadist." Probably an agent provocateur who presents himself as an inside expert ("Look, a brownie who defected to our cause!") but who works to mislead the anti-Jihadist movement.

In either case, it seems clear that you can take the Muslim out of Islam but you can't take Islam out of the Muslim. As for your belief that Christianity is some cure-all for these Moslem beasts, you may say that converting Arabs to Christianity will Christianize the Arabs, but I am certain it will not. It will Arabize Christianity.

If IBA has any scruples whatsoever, you would immediately delete Mr. "Avenging Apostate" from the blog roster and delete all his posts and comments, indeed any posts mentioning him or acknowledging his existence. You would erase even the memory of "Avenging Apostate" from the blog. By keeping this turncoat, this Talleyrand, this Brutus, this JUDAS, on board you are basically proving that "Deep Cover Stealth Jihadists Since 2005" is not an ironic statement. Abu loudly boasts about how he betrayed the wicked Muslim world and now worships Israel. What makes you think he won't double-cross us?