Friday, December 22, 2006

The Anti-Jihadist Creed

Politics of CP has written a creed for all of us Anti-Jihadists:

I am a citizen-soldier in a new war
Here to defend my land, my people, my heart, my mind, my faith, my civilization.
I am a defender of Truth –
At times, before men;At times, in secret struggle
Allied with a coalition of the willing.

I am a revolutionary engaged in an information war –
A counter-propagandist, counter-jihadist,
et contra tyrannum.

I will not be deceived;
I will not bow down to oppression
Or be bested by those who hate freedom.
I will not be subjugated by the enemy,
For I will not submit.

Dhimmitude is not my future.
I will not renounce my faith nor yield my culture to the evil ones,
But I will fight them in its defense
Until they are defeated.

As I say, we are the Parallel Government of the entire world. Of course, I mean that as a kind of joke, but really, it's up to our governments just how much my little joke turns out to be true.

Go read the rest of the Anti-Jihadist Creed over at the Politics of CP.