Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Winds Of War: Rumsfeld Confirms Gathering Storm Blog -"We Are in a Gathering Storm"

OK. So he probably didn’t refer to my blog for his quote. Like myself, he’s and admirer of Winston Churchill. But Rumfeld is correct. He says:

Churchill’s phrase about the gathering storm - there was a storm gathering, but there were people in Europe who didn’t believe it and who didn’t take the periodic storm clouds and the squalls as a real threat. They thought they were transitory and, of course, paid an enormous penalty in treasure and life for their failure to understand the nature of that threat. I worry we are in a gathering storm and we do not, as a society, accept it. Many of the elites of our society, the key opinion leaders, are unwilling or unable to accept what an awful lot of people believe to be the case. The penalty for being wrong can be enormous.
The ‘war’ many say we are fighting hasn’t even started yet - at least as far as the non-Muslim world is concerned – and Rumsfeld and some of his military minds finally are starting get it. They agree that we are not fighting a ‘war on terror’ but an insidious fascist ideology with the objective of dominating the world for Islam.

Jed Babbin at Accuracy in Media understands this well.

We aren't fighting a war against terrorists to win the hearts and minds of the Middle East. We are fighting it to end the threat of terrorism. Victory can't be achieved with bullets and bombs alone. This is, at its core, an ideological war. Just as we defeated communism by defeating the communists' ideology, we need to attack and destroy that of the radical Islamists. To do that, we first have to understand that radical Islam – the Islam of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Usama bin Laden and the rest – isn't a religion. It is an ideology that cobbles totalitarianism together with a messianic vision of religious nationalism. Radical Islam (unlike the actual religion) tolerates no other religion, and demands that its adherents give up the basic human freedoms enshrined in our Bill of Rights. No freedom of speech, no free press, no fair trials by a jury of your peers, only enslavement. Like the Nazis, the radical Islamists play on the sense of persecution and cultural inferiority that many people in underdeveloped nations have because they are truly oppressed. And, like the Nazis, the Islamists have convinced their followers that the problems of their world are the fault of others. The Islamists blame every ill of their world on America, the West, the Jews and Israel. Like the Soviets, the Islamists believe that their enslavement of the world is inevitable (though, unlike the Soviets, they believe it is God's will that they must succeed). Its adherents, like the Nazis and the Communists before them, believe their victory is both inevitable and irreversible. That is a powerful ideology which we have yet to engage with the necessary weapons.

To engage with the “necessary weapons”, we first have to recognize the tactics the Islamists are using, Then and only then can we bring the necessary weapons to bear.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm

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