Thursday, December 28, 2006

Disinvestiment and Boycott targets for those who hate terror and racism

Dick Morris points out which businesses via investment and cooperation aid and abet the terror and racism Iran spreads throughout this world. This column directs us to a program which already finds and boycotts such businesses.

Swiss - UBS Bank (they are getting out)
Royal Dutch Shell
French firm - BNP Paribas Finance Inc.

In October, Shell diversified its terror portfolio - winning contracts to search for and pump oil in Syria.

Anyone buying Shell gas out there?

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Anonymous said...

Limit purchases/consumption of fuel from terror abetting countries as much as possible . . .see this list:

Companies that finance terrorism by buying oil from the Middle East

76 (Conoco / Phillips)
Amoco (BP / Amoco)
AM/PM (BP / Amoco)
ARCO (BP / Amoco)
Beacon (Valero)
British Petroleum (BP / Amoco)
Buc-ee's (buys Chevron & Conoco gas)
Canadian Tire (buys Irving & Shell gas)
Circle K (Conoco / Phillips)
Coastal (Conoco / Phillips)
Diamond Shamrock (Valero)
Elf (Total)
Esso (ExxonMobil)
Exxon (ExxonMobil)
Getty (Lukoil)
Gulf (Chevron)
Jet (Conoco / Phillips)
Mirastar (Tesoro)
Mobil (ExxonMobil)
Murphy Oil USA
Petrofina (Total)
Phillips 66
Pilot (Marathon)
Speedway SuperAmerica (Marathon)
Starvin' Marvin's (Marathon)
Texaco (Chevron)
Ultramar (Valero)
Union 76 (Conoco / Phillips)
Unocal (Chevron)

Brands that do not contain Middle Eastern Oil:

Terror-Free Oil, Inc.
Sinclair Oil Corp.
Flying J. Inc.

Brands that do not contain oil from the Persian Gulf:

Amerada Hess Corp. (some of Hess oil comes from Algeria)
Yukos (not available in No. America)

I for one, thank heavens for the mild autumn and winter we've experienced here in the NE. Every day I go without added heating expense is one less opportunity to arm the jihad.

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=\o/= AnonYmouse