Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas from Riyadh

U.S. intelligence monitoring international links to Saudi nuclear program


The Al Saud with nukes?
The Hojatieh with nukes?

GOOD, because nomatter how Al Qaeda and the Pasdaran cooperate in mass murder, the Al Saud and the Shia will only have murder in mind for each other.



WASHINGTON — The United States has questioned the need for a Saudi Arabian nuclear energy program in its first expression of concern about the Saudis' plans.

In 2003, Saudi Arabia signed an agreement with Pakistan for nuclear cooperation. Officials said the intelligence community believes that Riyad financed much, if not all, of Pakistan's nuclear weapons efforts.

The U.S. intelligence community has long been monitoring Saudi nuclear efforts. For more than a decade, Riyadh has been seeking ways to deter Iran's nuclear program, expected to produce atomic bombs over the next two years.

"One early danger is that the [Saudi] kingdom is close to acquiring nuclear weapons rather than continuing to rely on the longstanding security guarantees and understanding of successive administrations in Washington," said Simon Henderson, a leading U.S. analyst on GCC states.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Henderson said that in November a Saudi official privately warned that the kingdom would not tolerate a nuclear-armed Iran. Henderson said Riyad has already invited North Korea to build what could be nuclear facilities in the desert.

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Wild Bill said...

You gotta be shittin me ?? The House of Saud has had nukes since 1998 !!