Friday, December 22, 2006

CAIR attacks Rep. Virgil Goode for his anti-Muslim remarks

UPDATE FROM PASTORIUS: Call Virgil Goode and let him know you support him:

Phone: (202)225-4711 - Fax: (202)225-5681

(AXcess News) Washington - American Muslims, outraged at Rep. Virgil Goode's (VA-R) anti-Muslim remarks, called on GOP leaders to rebuke the lawmakers comments about Muslims running for office.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), through a letter sent to GOP leaders, demanded they repudiate anti-Muslim remarks made by the congressman from Virginia. So far, the GOP has remained silent.

Rep. Virgil, who is an outspoken critic of both President Bush and Sen. Kerry's immigration plans, essentially doesn't want any more Muslims moving into the United States, saying that if more Muslims are allowed to come to America, they will take over political offices and threaten the future of the country through their Islamic beliefs. (I cannot say I disagree with that - ed.)

In a recent letter to constituents, Rep. Goode slammed the planned use of a Quran for the ceremonial swearing-in of Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress. Goode also decried the growth of the American Muslim community and expressed concern that "many more Muslims" may be elected to public office.

When will somebody finally take on CAIR? It's high time to bitch slap these 5th columnists.

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I recommend Virgil Goode for the Infidel Hunk of the Week.


Always On Watch said...

Goode is showing no signs of backing down. How refreshing to hear a politician speak what's on his mind, without missing words!

Of course, CAIR and the media are after him. To be expected, of course.

Anonymous said...

We need more leaders to stand up for America like this.

Watcher said...

The more CAIR is going to raise a stink, the more leaders like that will emerge. Similar to the laws of physics.

Anonymous said...

The man stated the nature of the problem with the greatest efficiency and let's hope CAIR raises a HUGE stink that will finally bring this issue out in the open. Infidel Hunk of the whole season, I say!

Pastorius said...

Watcher, I like your positivity. I agree.

I actually don't think this guy is that great a spokesman for our cause. I think we will see better one's, but thank God for him.

Wild Bill said...

LOTS of people aint happy with the situation as it stands.. So, why should we not have that voice of displeasure represented in D.C. ?? BECAUSE CAIR DONT GIVE A RAT'S ASS about our displeasure !! CAIR is nothin more than the Propaganda Wing of Radical Islam, and should be treated as such..

You are either with us, or you are against us, and its real damn obvious that CAIR is against any action to reduce the threat of Radical Islam against the West..

If there aint Laws to protect us from this kind of "Enemy Within", then I say GET BUSY D.C. AND GET US SOME !!

History has shown that when our Government dont protect us, then we will take it upon ourselves to see that we will survive .. As long as Mr. Goode speaks out about the problem, then we still hold out hope that the attention gets results, but if CAIR chooses to silence Mr. Goode, then I feel that the citizens will be left with few options..

Anonymous said...

FINALLY a member of Congress that puts words to what concerns every thinking human being of the free world - it was about time!

It seems to be impossible to get his e-mail for somebody outside his constituency (?) - I sooo wanted to thank him for - well, just acting like a sane person.

Urban Infidel said...

As some of you know, CAIR erected a billboard in FL recently to promote Islam.

A very clever person on LGF did his version of the billboard.

I think you will like it:

Kiddo said...

We must write this guy plenty of letters of support! I like!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, after September 11th, any nation that was not insane would have halted all muslim immigration. We have absolutely no obligation to let them in. They come here at our whim. September 11th was far more than enough cause to bar the whole lot of them.

God Bless Virgil Goode! I have called his office and given my thanks.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you are all having sex and mass-producing little Miss USAs and devout little gay conservative Christians so that we can make more hero troops to support and keep all of our gay Republican Christian Miss USA traditions alive.

Semper Fi and all that jazz.

Pastorius said...

Does anyone understand wtf Bloodstomper Barbie is talking about?