Saturday, December 23, 2006

Truth Aversion Works Best

“Most modern branches of Islam, however, stress the inner, spiritual jihad.”

Source: Microsoft Encarta Encylopedia 2007

No empirical or any evidence at all cited for this statement. No statistics? No survey of Islamic scholars? Why not?

This statement could be in itself extremely critical to world affairs. If this were true, then why isn’t Microsoft Encyclopaedia quoted to the Muslim community the world over? Tis obviously an authoritative source.

Are we to assume a fundamentalist of Sunni, or, Shia, Islam, empirically equivocates jihad with inner spiritual struggle?

I cant help but think, what a load of bollocks. If I were fundamentalist Sunni or Shia, I would reply, actually the greater jihad is to defend Islam. However, I cannot as I [insert worldly excuse here]

There's certainly room for debate. However, this stressing for spiritual jihad -- where is it? Here's a a great text on Jihad by Young Muslims, a Canadian Muslim group with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

It seems the most prominent information on Jihad from Islamic sources on the internet is not spiritual in nature - but armed warfare.

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