Sunday, December 24, 2006

Even WaPo acknowledges the bitter reality of the UN and especially today's Russia

Russia has turned a U.N. sanctions resolution on Tehran's nuclear program into a demonstration of Western weakness.

in the past few months, something entirely different has happened. While Iranian enrichment has continued with impunity, the Security Council's deliberations have been hijacked by the Russian government of Vladimir Putin, which is using them to protect its economic interests and portray itself as a global power capable of countering the United States.

The UN which has, but for a few agencies such as WHO, has become a George Romero version of FDR's dream, has long since expired as a hope for anyone.

We despise them, Israel is a pariah for taking the minimal measure to remain alive, the arabs think it is a tool of the USA...all that is left for the UN is its support by the heinous and cynical.

The UN is the mirage of things actually happening.

Darfur, Rwanda, Strebenica, Ethiopia, Somalia, the failure to END any war on this planet but for truces which stretch into infinity and solve no dispute..a chimera


The clock on all this motion masquerading as nations committing acts is running out RAPIDLY. Russia is actively abetting Iran getting nukes not only to our detriment in this world, but as a tool to kill all the jews, their real, physical, and ultimate goal...on a 'mission from god'

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