Saturday, July 21, 2007

50 German firms investigated for helping Iran's nuclear efforts

GERTZ: LONDON — Germany has concluded scores of companies were helping Iran's nuclear program.

Officials said 50 German companies were being investigated on suspicion of selling dual-use systems and material required for Iran's nuclear project. They said Berlin has determined that the shipments were being used to complete Iran's nuclear energy plant at Bushehr.
"The equipment was ordered by Russia and diverted to Iran," an official said. On July 12, Germany prosecutor Christoph Lange identified one of the companies. Lange said the Berlin-based company Vero was suspected of shipping nuclear material to Moscow via Poland. From there, he said, the material was exported to Iran.
Vero was identified as a supplier to Bushehr since 2000. Officials said the company purchased nuclear technology from dozens of companies in Germany for Russian contractors of Bushehr.

Was this for 5% more profit? 10%? 20%? This is not capitalism, it is stupid greed. Criminal greed as far as the safety of the people of the USA is concerned.

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