Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Student Activist Executed as Gang-Member

Iranian blogger Kamagir reports about Meisam Lofti, a well-known Iranian activist, has been hanged, accused of being a gang-member, something he was not.

He was sent to Evin prison after the July 1999 student riots.

His mother stated that their home was stormed at 1 am and he was shot with 17 bullets, 2 of which hit his leg.

He has been detained in an isolation facility for 55 days after he was accused of setting tires on fire after the fundamentalists' raid to the dormitory of University of Teheran.

Also he reports about the new crackdown on Inmodesty.

It's not rare then that most Iranians, acording to a poll, oppose the regime.

There has been another crackdown on "inmodesty".

(I have posted some photos in the blog).

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Anonymous said...

All freedom loving peoples should instinctively be drawn to supporting Iran's youth who have had enough of the Theological dictatorship that is Iran and bravely at the risk of intense persecution and even death begin to galvanise into a cohesive force, striving for liberation. They are a shining example to the world and especially the youth of the world who live comfortably and free, taking for granted the very freedoms that these young men and women may have to die to achieve. It is sad that when action is ultimately taken against Iran, many of these heroic youth will be forced into front line military service and possibly die at the hands of their liberators for a system they revile......My prayers and support is with you all, as you are all truly Martyrs to freedom!