Friday, July 27, 2007

Italian lawmakers propose Imam registry

To rephrase Robert A. Heinlein's Lazarus Long, "Any mullah or imam must be presumed guilty until proved innocent".

(Rome) Three Italian lawmakers proposed creating a national registry of Muslim clerics with no criminal past to weed out fundamentalist imams.

The parliamentarians presented a draft bill and justified their action in part by pointing to last weekend's arrest of a Muslim cleric accused of running a "terrorism school" at his mosque in Perugia, central Italy. Police have put another imam preaching in the region under investigation.

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WATCHER71 said...

This meets the bare minimum requirement in my opinion, it should also extend, as the French did (I believe) to limiting all Islamic clerics to have been born and raised in the country they operate in and reserves the right of the state to effectively license/have the final say on whether or not a cleric is suitable/can be trusted to preach. Also registration should be compulsory. Even if these measures were temporary (until international jihad is no more, cultural, media and para military)they represent a start and should at the least be adopted through out the EU. If a Muslim rejects the concept of the global caliphate and Islam is capable of having an enlightenment, the need for this level of control will perhaps change. Some may decry this as victimising Islam, why doesn't this apply to other religions? answer no other religion I am aware of in modern times glorifies the acts of murder and barbarity we see the jihadis carrying out globally......and a distinct lack of an outcry from the 'mainstream' Muslim street. If I were Muslim, I would carry a placard that said 'NOT IN MY NAME!!!' but refer it to the Jihadists who claim to represent me. The alternative is do nothing....and watch the dooms day clock tick down....
As a Christian I do not revel in the deaths of non combatants, once again caught in the middle, that accompany warfare, indeed I sincerely mourn when I see images of half buried children....regardless of race or religion...and as an infidel I even question our actions....Perhaps every 'good' Muslim should do the same..

Pastorius said...

Perhaps, they should.

Do you think they do?

I would love to know. I would love to have something good to report.