Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Muslim idea of tolerance and logic

By the Anti Jihadist

There is a fundamental lack of understanding between many Muslims and non-Muslims. This problem has ballooned to gigantic dimensions, in part, because Muslims and non-Muslims think in very different ways.

Consider the concept of ‘tolerance’. The problem is that in Islam, “tolerance” means “we’re the dominant religion, and you (kafirs) practice yours according to our rules; you pay special taxes, there are restrictions on art, music, media, and so on, and, by the way, we can change our minds at any time.” Any questioning of this decidely one-way arrangement will be immediately condemned as "islamophobic", "intolerant", "fascist", "racist", or otherwise "hampering harmony between the races". Any of this sound familiar?

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Wild Bill said...

Sounds zactly like the same Standards the NAALCP uses !!