Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A classic liberal lament

I didn't care if he was our son of a bitch I hated his freaking guts.

Somoza, Trujillo., Battista, the Shah and Mossadegh, Al Saud, Hashemite this and that, King Idris and Wheelus, symbols of the idea that transitory national interests and the short run trumped the long term interest of the people of the USA, that REAL democracy should spread wherever WE went. That our IDEALS represented the best shot for safety.

This was the antithesis of liberalism, and represented the well heeled COMPANY oriented views of John Foster Dulles and brother Allan.

Today that classical liberal view is the so called discredited credo of the so called neocons.

Today Mr. Bush and his newly constituted ISG realist, kick me in the ass, talk nice, 9/10 thinking, we know best State Dept insipidness group have convinced themselves it is a good idea over the momentary 'alliance' of sunni (i.e. as they see it OUR arabs) nations faced with the undeniably sicko Hojatieh, to sell them JDAMS and the means to deliver them. So we are going to reinforce these autocratic, backward, tribal, rumor mongers and believer regimes with weapons our finest minds have made to kill who?

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