Sunday, July 15, 2007

That this is even a STORY is disheartening ..we are so STUPID

Iran enabling, funding Al Qaida movement despite religious differences

Or > and the sun is coming up tomorrow > hello > they have THE SAME ENEMIES AND PREJUDICES, and ALMOST IDENTICAL GOALS

GERTZ:Western intelligence officials believe that Iran has become a major force behind Al Qaida. Despite the religious gulf, Shi'ite Iran has been enabling Al Qaida, a Sunni movement, to operate from Iran and Iraq for attacks against the West. Officials said Al Qaida was using Iran as a base for communications, logistics and operations.

"The top people in Al Qaida are now in Iran," a Western intelligence source said. "They have access to money and communications and most importantly a safe haven."

Iran hosts two groups of Al Qaida leaders. One is a group of high-level operatives from Saudi Arabia who escaped into Iran from Afghanistan during the U.S. invasion in 2001. Another group include members of the Al Qaida and Taliban leadership native to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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