Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I opened the page to put up a new post and instead got this message:

This blog has been locked by Blogger's spam-prevention robots. You will not be able to publish your posts, but you will be able to save them as drafts

We think a troll reported us as being a "spam" blog. One of them was on an old post today and it was probably his work.

The Baron is trying to straighten it out with Blogger but what do you think our chances are of getting a live person to unlock the door?

As much of a hassle as it will be, we may be looking at our last days as a blog spot.

This kind of mischief is creepy.

Let the world know, would you?




Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Dymphna. This problem will be cleared up soon.

Google needs to clean up its act so people can't get away with this kind of blog vandalism so easily.

This'll probably be taken care of for you to post in the next day or two. But you might be able to post here in the meantime, and you can re-post those postings at GOV when you have access again.

Anonymous said...

There may be more problems. Having posted a comment on a previous thread yesterday, I could not access it again today, unless I used IE instead of Firefox . . .but only on that thread. I am using firefox now. I did screen capture to save the error messages that popped up.

Dymphna said...

hans --

Two days is a long time, traffic-wise. It means lower pay next quarter from PJM. This troll has seriously hurt us, unfortunately.


Are you talking about a comment here on Infidel? The "new" blogger has a higher rate of those kinds of things than old blogger ever did.

Anonymous said...

I still cannot access that thread's comment section, but have no problem accessing this thread with either IE or Firefox. The thread in question leads me to suspect this may be more than a simple technical glitch.

Anonymous said...

I use Firefox 1.* and have no problem accessing

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dymphna, blogger has been a nuissance to use. I no longer post at Gates because I need to get a new nic each time I log in to comment. For some reason, each nic/password never match after use.

BTW, I was posting on IBA (not Gates) regarding the Firefox/IE issue.

The IBA blogger account permits anonymous comments - user friendly. (insert cheesy grin here)

Pastorius said...

Well, as everyone knows, IBA went down on us for three month.

I never knew why, nor did I know whether it had anything to do with our content.

The Sniper said...

You'll be fine. We had the same problem at The Sniper. It cleared up pretty quickly after we sent a nasty gram and they reviewed our blog.

Anonymous said...

The 910 Group's site has a problem as well: this page is empty because of some bug in the HTML code: