Friday, July 20, 2007

All we need to know about Ron Paul is....

Asked about the John Birch Society Society by the author, Paul responds, "Is that BAD? I have a lot of friends in the John Birch Society. They're generally well-educated and they understand the Constitution. I don't know how many positions they would have that I don't agree with."

For the younger than me....these gavones OPPOSED the civil rights movement because those they considered american and comunists SUPPORTED it, and believed that FDR KNEW about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor before hand. Birchers elaborated on an earlier Illuminati/Freemason conspiracy theory, imagining "an unbroken ideologically driven conspiracy linking the Illuminati, the French Revolution, the rise of Marxism and Communism, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the United Nations".

Republican mainstream unhappiness with the Birch Society intensified after Welch (the leader) circulated a letter calling President Dwight D. Eisenhower a possible “conscious, dedicated agent of the Communist Conspiracy.” Welch went further in a book titled The Politician, written in 1956 and published by the JBS in 1963, which declared that Eisenhower’s brother Milton was Ike’s superior within the communist apparatus and alleging other top government officials also were communist tools. Included were ex-president Truman, Roosevelt, the previous Secretary Of State John Foster Dulles and former CIA Director Allan W. Dulles.



Anonymous said...

I agree with disinter, "you are a paranoid idiot". If you disagree with RP that's your right but to dismiss him because he has friends & supporters who are Birchers is idiotic. (BTW I am not now nor I have ever been a member.)

Michael Travis said...


I used to be wary of the Birch Society, Ross Perot, and Barry Chamish.

Fast forward four decades and I am embarrassed to admit that these characters were more correct than I could ever imagine.

Epaminondas said...

The of course, you find nothing wrong with Trent Lott and the CCC or what he had to say about all that at Strom's birthday party. ...has JBS REPUDIATED anything Welch published?

BY the comments here and other places... this seems to have REALLY touched a nerve, and I'm glad to see this brought out.

Ron Paul has identified himself top to bottom with his comments with JBS, that is nuts.

Ike a commie? Harry Truman? FDR saved the freaking country TWICE.

They are 12/7 truthers.

That's why places like THIS can succeed, time passes and what they say seems more reasonable, then people are dead, and who knows what they really stood for...

Paul didn't say, please don't be on my side, he didn't say they had a few things (like large govt) right, he said in effect, I IDENTIFY WITH ALL THEY STAND FOR.



That's not paranoia, those are his words, volunteered.

At best, inexcusable judgement, at worst, as relevatory as saying 5 years olds should be taught about sex in public schools by offical curricula, paid for by taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

What you don't fucking understand is that the John Birch Society has been mostly right all these years. It just happens that you believe in something spoonfed to you by the mainstream news media, and your little brain is so small you can't fathom that you ate from the wrong plate for so long.

Get the fuck over it already and do what's right, you fucking mental midget.

Epaminondas said...

Listen anonymous ... you need to regurgitate the kool aid... I was IN THE SOUTH working the civil rights movement.

NOBODY SPOONFED THE BIRCHERS TO ME THERE. Across the voter registration tables ... where they OPPOSED it, along with the KKK, and where Mr Paul has VOICED voluntarily, his UNQUALIFIED support for them.

Tell me, ANONYMOUS EXTREMIST, what YOU have done in this world to work for freedom?

Of course, you probably, LIKE THE JBS, think both 12/7 and 9/11 were inside jobs.

The JBS is an extremist organization of tinfoil hat, commies under the bed, Harry Truman and Ike were agents of Stalin, fluorides will denature our bodies, and the govt can't tell me what to do if I don't want to have any niggers eat at my restaurant ...LOSERS ...voicing 'support' for the constitution all the while.

What's right is to opposes them when they are wrong which is on almost every major historical issue I have mentioned. Along with Trent's faves, the CCC, who support every issue the JBS does, in exactly the same way. DEFEND THEM TOO, ANONYMOUS

GET OVER IT. You have joined the squadrons of losers.