Monday, July 16, 2007

This Is A Personal Post: I Have Been Writing To Dag, And He Hasn't Been Receiving My Emails

Dag, I don't know what's going on, but I have been responding to your emails. I love what you do! And, I think it is important.

Someone, or something, is blocking our communications.


Anonymous said...

Most likely not getting through the spam filter of his e-mail software.

Pastorius said...

You are right.

But, I have to reply with seriousness, because I love and respect the work Dag does.

Michael Travis said...

Yeah,mm it's probably a filter, but it's a political filter.

In the past, AOL and other US/Saudi [dis]service providers would not only completely cut off email originating in Israel, but their filters would refuse mail that mentioned firearms, Israel, or....MUSLIMS!!!

Much is written about the POLICY of AOL and other's a good story.

Jihad Watch: Trouble with AOL again
It could be something as simple as somebody asking AOL to block your Email addy for parental controls. That happened to me 6 years ago, on another forum. ... - 85k

Only the USA, Australia, [obviously] China and the Arab lands do this sort of thing. There have been periods of almost one full year when AOL (for instance)blocked any mail originating in the Joooo-ish State, or messages mentioning that cursed land.

Jon Christian Ryter wrote many angry columns about the problem.

Peace out.

Dag said...

No, it's not the spam filtre. I tried a number of times to create an email address with the user name "islamic glossary" sw we could all log in using the same pass word, but the address would die as soon as I registered it. Now, when I use that phrase I get trouble. I'm working on it. If nothing else we'll just figure out something that takes more time and entails more effort.

Got your last email, Pastorius, that much is fine.

Pastorius said...

Jesus Christ, this pisses me off, if what you guys are saying is true.

I'm a member of another discussion group called (something along the order of) "Big-Tobacco Wal-Mart Apologists Who Are Doing It All To Destroy The Iraqi People And Steal Their Oil."

I love that name.

How could I not love that name. It's true, right?


The motherfucking pussies who are running so much of Western Civilization are really making me angry. As Dag always says, our first fight is with them.

How fucking pathetic.

Once again, I want to clarify, I don't know that this is actually a politically-based filter.

Always On Watch said...

I've emailed Dag but am not getting responses.

I also have a gmail addy:

Anonymous said...

I tried a number of times to create an email address with the user name "islamic glossary" sw we could all log in using the same pass word, but the address would die as soon as I registered it.

I recently followed up on one of Hugh Fitzgerald's suggestions to become familiar with Arthur Jefferey's writings. In one of those writings, Arthur Jefferey stated:

"The Qur'an is also called al-dhikr (the rememberance) (seeQ. 15:9 and 3:58) Tabari notes two meanings of the dhikr. The first is 'reminder", that is , from God "with which He reminded His servants, giving them knowledge of this Hudud [bounds or limits], fara'id [obligations of prayers, fasting, and the like] and ahkam [moral and legal perecepts]." The second meaning of dhikr is remembrance or honor for those who accept faith in it an in what it contains (see Q. 43:44 and Tabari 1, p. 99), The qur'an has also been called al-furqan (the criterion distinguishing truth fromfalsehood or error; see Q. 3:3). This term has other meanings and uses which will be discussed in their proper contexts .

Anyway, I mention this because these terms offer some amusing fodder for your purposes. . .i.e. Distinguising truth from falsehood - using nic - Albert F. Urcan

I'm not good with original humor, but I'm sure you catch my drift.


Pastorius said...

Thanks, Albert, my man.