Sunday, July 29, 2007

Iran seeks to involve its youth in high tech weapons development, nanotechnology


NICOSIA — Iran has reported achieving self-sufficiency in the development and production of unmanned aerial vehicles for intelligence and combat missions.

I have doubts about this, unless we are talking about glider models with motors with cameras and IR, capable of flying a waypointed course. But you never know.

"Iran's advancement in the field of the new generation of intelligent digital equipment has been eye-catching," Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa NaIjar said.

Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa Najar
Najar said the Defense Ministry intends to support student military development projects, particularly those from Sharif Technical University. He said the ministry has sought to promote the development of air defense systems and nanotechnology.

"A comprehensive and long-term look at air defense and exploitation of modern technology, particularly nanotechnology in pursuing that objective, are among the most important factors leading to ensuring an effective air defense for our country," Najar said.

Najar presided over a ceremony on July 18 that marked the final stage of a contest for UAV designers. The ceremony took place at Sharif Technical University, which has trained engineers for Iran's defense industry.

They will never beat the west on the technological side. But they have plenty of freaks wanting to achieve 72 chicks who will do anything who will use enough technology to succeed at killing soft targets filled with civilians, like the Jewish Community Centre of Buenos Aires a rime leaders of Iran remain under indictment for in Argentina.

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